WTB mixer and compacter advanced coils

Hi folks. Wanting to buy 12 compacter and 12 extractor advanced coils. Can’t afford more than 1k each so any discounts would be appreciated.

I think @QuimbyBoundless handtrades them for 950c.

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There might also be some at Lake, hes got a portal at the eresho ultima tree… think he had 990 each, not sure of the stock levels


Yep, should be plenty there :+1:

Are you about to hand trade? @QuimbyBoundless

Is it your shop? If so are you online to hand trade for a little less?

lake is mine but don’t handtrade…too busy building etc :slight_smile:

Do you have more extractor ones as they are all gone at lake?

There are some in Exploring fists market but they are not under 1k. Feel free to check it out if you want :smiley:

sorry, seems to have been a busy day at the shop…will have a load more tomorrow

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if you still need extractors, I ended up making an extra set that turns out I don’t need right now (I’ll have more made by the time I need them)

So anyways if you still need them, you can just have the set no cost. Just let me know.

Wow that would be awesome.

Sorry about that, lol