WTB Pale Sepia Rocks 3c or as Refined Stones 6c prices are live now


Pale Sepia from current EXO

10 Baskets are Set Up for Rocks and

7 basket s are Set Up for refined stones

You ll find me at Pharaos Treasures on Arie, available from RTG Main Hub , Alutec, and Hunt Lodge ,DKs Ultima Tree

( “The Essence and Fossil Trade” old name has to be changed) from TNT Mega Hub


The exo rocks 1c too?

no i will pay for them 2c
but need to come back from work to set them up had no time today in the morning, will be back from work in 5 hours

The request basket s are filled with coins , feel free to fill them with Rocks :grin::grin::grin::grin:

I have 6 gem chests full of them but need em. I’ll be going back tomorrow I’ll get u some.

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I need them for my temple Project , they have the perfekt colour for IT ,
Good to know , If baskets are empty Message me to refill with coins.

Yea no worries I’ll check before I hit the exo and save em all

I will also Go Farming and Hope IT will BE enough​:grin::grin::grin:

Request basket s are refilled and 4 more basket s are Set Up means that there are now 10 basket s and will BE refilled again .
Need 20 full basket s more to have enough Stones for my temple plattform

1 C? if it is a tier 1 or 2, and even tier 3, but from tier 4, more expensive tools, cakes and drinks are needed, for 1c, I do not bother, I would not lose hammers, nor buy anything to execute the work , since it is very badly paid, if it is tier 4, for 2 or even 3c, and if it is tier higher, for less than 5c, it would not bother me, so if you are not going to pay more than 1c, I think that for At least I am not interested, since I lose out, any miner will tell you the same thing, maybe you cheat a new player, you just have to go for them, which is what we all do and so you level up, the money is achieved in many ways

No ITS 2c each Not 1c

And this is Not Bad or Something because of you collect 16 stacks of Rocks you have Minimum 8 stacks for coal ores and Fossil thats the way i do. And the coal Fossil and ores are your benefit plus the Cash from rocks

1 hammer lets say 10k
2 pies for Dura 700c
3,4 k for travel

14800 coins Invest.

I would also Take the Stones as refined , i dont need the exp i need the Stone .


Nee prices See First Post will BE changed in 1 hours and half, then i m Back at Home.

Please Help me to get IT together because ITS Not for making Money ITS for a Personal temple Project and ive Not much time this week because of real Life.
I ve collected my self already 140 stacks but i wont reach my Goal without your Help.

Oops forgot about this post. I went and collected about 60 stacks then thought why did I do that…then turned it into marble. My bad I guess.

Prices are now live 3c for Rocks and 6c for refined.

Thx in advance

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pm me… we can go to that exo together… you get ya stones, ill get my ores…
ill pay the trip…
post utc pls here if anyone want to visit this exo too at the same time…

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i ll do when i am back at home , now i m still at work …will be at home at 23:00 European Time

The request basket s are still there and can BE filled for :moneybag::moneybag::moneybag::moneybag::grin::grin::grin::grin:

Got 120 stacks last evening …

I Take everything i can get from this colour because i need them for my temple i m Plannung to build.

Let me know if you still need more for that temple build. I have a few stacks of pale sepia rock I believe.

How many stacks do you have ?