WTB Refined Metamorphic Rocks 2c Each

Like the Title says i WTB Refined Metamorphic Rocks in BLACK and Night Azure Blue.first and will add more colours in the next days think that will be starting from monday afternoon.

i ve set up 6 baskets and will recoin them when they are filled.

Location is Pharao´s Treasures availeble from RTG HUB on Arie , DK´s Tree , Alutech, La Familia and TNT HUB

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We dropped off 4441 night azure and 1551 black

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thx , feel free to put more if you want or can

If you ever need night green I have you covered

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good to hear will start with other colours next week

I have 65,000 refined night green right now, probably that much in stones as well

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ok thats great i ll message you next weak ok

Dropped some night azure too. Tell us when you need more colors! :slight_smile:

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i ll do on monday or tuesday ,

i am off this weekend because of private things.

like i said will tell you when more request baskets are set up with more colours .

Next colour will be Dark Blue for sure and others i will deciede on monday