WTB Refined metamorphic Stones Light Tan


Will Somebody sell me refined metamorphic Stone in colour
Light Tan?
Need 50.000 of It.

Greetings Turrican2006


I go to a good rocks shop. They might not have 50k rocks of 1 color but i am sure you can arrange it with them. If you go to PS Lutrion, you’ll find a little portal to “Rockin’ Rocks”. It’s owned by @econodog. Good luck.


The Stone has to BE changed from Sediment to metamorphic . But i can Look there later , or someone will so the Job and i pay for IT.


Sorry don’t have light tan


Nobody, there to sell These Stones?


Because they need to be chisel changed from Sedimentary to Metamorphic, you’ll have a hard time coming across anything near 50,000 of them. Have you chisel changed bulk amounts of rocks before? I certainly don’t enjoy it in larger quantities than 200 at a time.

I guess someone that enjoys doing it could set up a service charging x amount per changed block, have yet to see that though.


Even with goo pigment… :sweat_smile:


Already have changed (if i have to put a number on it) atleast 1mil. Bricks from meta. to sed. Not a lot of fun to do if there was someone to do it for me i would happily pay for it, but then i play to pay^^


I would pay for IT or need chisel for IT to Change Block types for a good price