WTB - Rough Amethysts and Emeralds @ The Coil King!


EDIT - Now buying tough Amethysts and Emeralds for 140c each, got 300k coins in basket!

Currently selling most coils for 2990c*, with Centraforge and Mixer selling for 3490c.

How to get to us
We are In Grovidas Te Portal Seekers hub. South Side, first floor. (see image below)

Click for image

If you have quit, how much coin did you quit with?

Those are some crazy good prices :slight_smile:
I don’t need any more coils but still feel like going to grab a bargain!

gems are a lot more abundant now so good to see prices reflect that.
Lets see if others follow…


Hopefully there will be some left when I get off of work in 4hrs


Maybe make a request to Vansten to hold some for you for a limited time? Can only say no :stuck_out_tongue:
Just popped by the shop (stocks all there at great prices) and Vantsen seem helpful and friendly.

Lake shop : discontinued thread

Ive already had a few people PM me asking me to hold stock, which I have been doing. I also aim to try to keep producing as fast as i can, so if one is really in demand, i can focus on that.

My main goal out of all this is to provide a way for me to get as much exp as possible. If I can sell all these coils, i can afford to buy more forged hammers to turn more rock into exp so i can afford more plots.


I don’t know exactly how many I realistically need for my machines. I don’t want to ask you to hold more than I need as to let others have a chance to get what they need. Even if some may just try and resell for a profit.


I dont actually see these prices “crazy cheap” just normal


Haven’t seen prices this low before.
Usually at least 7k.
Around 7k has been normal for a while.
Maybe sub 5k will now be the norm.


No i mean atm this kinda price is normal. New planets so much gems etc. It was just matter of time when someone would do this


I tend to agree actually. I dont understand why people were still selling for 7-8k when gems were so easy to get, which is why i lowered them to what i perceived to be a fair and normal price.

The question now is if other coil sellers will follow or continue to sell them for 7k+ after i run out of stock


Well the biggest downside selling low price is people who are buying then selling them higher price. That happened in ea for many shops


I’ll be there shortly, gotta get the kiddos to school! Stock still looking pretty good for topaz and compactor/forge coils?


Currently Sitting on 288 topaz, 19 Compactor and 17 Forge Coils. Doing a mass craft of Compactor coils now, and started mixing more gold to do other coils.

I’ve also started buying Gold and Silver ore and bars for between 55-70c, which i need to continue to craft more coils, if anyones intereted in selling to me!

Have a total of 320k sitting in 4 request baskets!

EDIT - Just got bought out, il save you some coils though when i make more


Thank you for the update! I’ll still stop over in a bit to check everything out. :grin:


Welp, it appears just that has happened. Kinda dissapointed that it did, but alas, what can ya do?

As it stands, my plan now once i do more mass crafts is to price all coils at 6500c, but offer a 40% handtrade discount. This will mean i am able to list coils and reduce the chance of being bought out within 4 hours of opening.


Im not surpriced. Thats dumb


I will boycott Centless. First they had a request basket for hopper cores at 300c when they were trading for 3000c which I found predatory and now they are trying to control the coil market. No thanks.

I think your prices are fair for how easy it is to mine gems and given the state of the economy I think it is cruel for the few still flush in cash to throw their coin around to keep prices artificially high.

Devs, we need a way to limit plinth purchases per player if the shop owner wants it. Otherwise players must deal with this sort of capitalist bullying by boycott which is too much like real life. I play games to escape the injustices of the real world.


The best system i can think of as at current is to sell coils for 6500c, but offer a 40% handtrade discount. 6500c is still pretty cheap compared to others, but it also means it will be harder for competitors to outright buy me out, while still offering legitimate customers proper value.


Well guess it’s good I know someone who sells at 5k


Im all about fairness… but its totally up to you if you wanna sell cores 300 a piece.