WTB Shadow Orange, Luminous Yellow and Shadow Cerulean gleam

Since i unfortunately missed out on both events, I want to buy some gleambow gleam! Buying shadow cerulean, shadow orange and luminous yellow for 4k each.

Looking for 100 of each block, but i’ll buy any amount you have, even if its just 1 :slight_smile:

Do you have a basket someplace? I’ve got a few of these but nowhere near 100

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No basket, tax on these hurt quite a bit :slight_smile: can meet you somewhere though, as i’m still on for a bit!

TNT or Hunt Hive are easy for me. I’m online for another 30min

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Perfect, at tnt now with my alt mordechai :slight_smile:

Ok, be there in 2min. 16 S orange, 16 L yellow, 3 S cerulean

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Thank you for the trade! First few in the pocket, still looking for quite a few :slight_smile:

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Sell your gleam now before a price-drop of a new gleambow event!