WTB Sweet beans, 24c (hand trade 25c), 50k in basket!


The basket is at Coin Converters, plot #1, Nova Golda Market!

Portals at Ultima Eresho 2x2 shopping area, DK’s Ultima Tree, PS Lamblis, TNT, Hunt Hive and many, many more!


Nice, if you have space left by Sunday will try to load you up with some! If course, I’ll turn around, walk out the door and spend it on your tools and all so you’ll get it right back… :wink:


That’s ok! :smiley:

The basket was almost empty of coin so added 50k more…

And we can always do a trade! Am always in need of beans!


Added 50k again to the basket!


Thanks, I had been dropping some of them and some other stuff by throughout the day yesterday, not a big amount since I was spreading out what I was doing, but still turned around and bought a few hammers afterwards and a bunch of bricks. :wink: I’ll be sure to be stopping in regularly as usual, love your place! :slight_smile:


Thanks!! Glad you like the place! Put quite a bit of work into it!

FYI, also started to add roads to Nova Golda, was long overdue, and started building something new, re-creation of my office building I used to have at New Leyden, except bigger and taller!

Also lots of other stuff planned near water, and if the new update hits I’m soooo gonna add some canals and waterways too!