WTB Sweetbean & pulsating orb

Request baskets at my shop at DKs legendville mall Mt Olympus I sell Marble for 25 coin the shop scanner will lead you to me :grin:, sweets at 25c 100k in basket, pulsating for 10c 40k in basket.

Hey, at the PS Shop we sell Pulsating Orbs for 10c each. Keep it stocked as well!

You can get to PS shop from the Grovidias Te PS hub, East Side, First Ring โ€œPS SHOPโ€


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@Tagris thank you so much, I wonโ€™t need orbs for a while now :grimacing: the struggle is over with that, bought you out

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We restock daily :slight_smile: already getting more of each. So feel free to stop by when you need more.

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You are a legend thanks!