Wtb white wood

Does anyone have a ss of white wood to sell? If so, how much per? I’m kind of a poor boy so i may use one of the “alternate” whites; however i thought i would check here 1st. Really prefer trunk over timber; however…

If you want timber I can get you some later today. I don’t think I have that many trunks left.

thanks for the reply. how much $s?

Meh I can give you a ss for free, white is very repetitive on blink worlds. I have a lot.

Thank you for the offer. The build is 7x3 plots = 21x64 squares = 1344 for the roof… if i’m doing the math correctly. the problem with free is i feel like a heel asking for more than u offered. Can i get something for u? need inky leaves or some other boring to collect base ingredient?
I won’t be on until tomorrow btw. i can travel to u. Thanks again!

Any leaf, orb, bean is helpful :cowboy_hat_face:

Can do. Would u like to pm me where to meet? the update is happening tomorrow i believe. 91/2 my time. so earlier or later than that may be better.

Oops. not 930 my time. I don’t know when gmt is; probably England time i guess. i’m west coast usa. let me know whats good for u.

I’ll be pretty much available any time tomorrow. So you can just pm me and I will try to log in

If you’re in urgent need of it now, I’m west coast and will be on tonight after work. I don’t want to step on anyone’s toes, but wanted to offer that if you needed white wood right now. I think I actually have trunks too.

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As long as he gets what he needs I think everything is ok :cowboy_hat_face:

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