WTS: 1090c adv. Coils // WTB: Rough Oortstone ~185c, Silver Ore/Bar 19c, Rough Ruby 45c, Rough Emerald 120c each


i can sell you both in ores if interested. So 28800 coppers ores, or i can cook half of it.


I can take it either way. What price do you want for it?


i am fine with 4 each.


Thanks Gorilla!
I am now no longer in need of Copper!


How many Oxide Grey Stones do you need ? Do you need Stones or Rocks ?


I have two baskets up for 14400 each basket. I currently only have up for stone. Pretty sure it’s Igneous stone too. I am not online anymore but you can check it out at my place :+1: if you got lots of rock I may be interested in buying that as well if I cannot find seller for stones. :ok_hand:

Feel free to pm me on discord!!


@QuimbyBoundless enjoy!


Where is your shop at


Can’t hop on right now to check what happened, but a little Australian bird told me something :slight_smile:
@sirdad Check the initial post in this topic. If you find Antar VI portal in Ultima new hub, enter it and take the last portal to the right to New Springfield.


Haha thanks for the coils :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


No, thanks to you for buying them :slight_smile:


Still got many coils for sale and will have more coming in a few days. Got a fair amount of raw material still lying around!!!

Edit: bump

Lake - adv. coils starting at 990!

Just bought a full set of 15 of each off ya, kick start my return lol, thanks


Thank you! Much appreciated!


No coal available anymore - All coal has been sold out!

Buying Rough Ruby 45c each, Rough Emerald 120c each! PM ME!

PM me here on forums or on discord “Quimby / Will#6720” and I will reply EU morning!

Edit: still buying gems, got all the other material but the gems for more coils :sweat_smile:

Edit: compactor and mixer currently sold out - will be getting some more soon!


how many ruby you need ? and i have a bunch of coal if you need as well.



No need for coal, but I think @RedY3 may be interested in buying those.

But I would be interested in buying atleast 7200, maybe even 10800 rubies👍

For everyone: also looking to buy lots of white rock and trunks from Wynthel! Let me know if you got any and we can negotiate price! Will also spend some time farming it myself so the need may vary!


Very true. I am always after coal - hard coal especially for now (and some soft coal) :smiley:


i have 2300 rubies, if you need them you know where to find them. just tell me when you are around.


I’ll head over now!