WTS: gleambow sacs for 2k each

i need request baskets for these. i got like 148 to sell.

Best of luck. Best I could do is 1350c vía handtrade. Otherwise I have a basket for 1325c(both prices are higher than majority if not all of the baskets when I checked the other day). Basket is located in the gyosha mall at corruption outlet. I had 2.6mill in the baskets

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I buy them for 1256c, 1350c handtrade (my after taxes price).

Got two million in my request baskets at Nova Golda’s Coin Converters…

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I’m buying for 2k in baskets also lol
I’m going to log on to see if people have been selling to me at Jacey’s Shopping Mall in Eresho

EDIT: Basket was emptied out of coins, refilled with 5mil :smiley:

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the price in your baskets is 500c, not 2000c :slight_smile:

Yes, i’ve just changed it now should of updated on this post, totally forgot


I have all 3 gleambow foods for sale too at Noms 'n More!

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i decided Aenaea’s for a while before. sorry. but i’ll keep an eye on the thread!