WTS Hopper Cores 3k, and Wildstock horns 1k


PM or Reply here, 44 cores left and 158 horns left.


Still have, reply or pm thanks.


Bump, 32 left and 112 horns left.


Bump, more to sell.


Bump, more to sell.


Please refrain from bumping posts - it is not permitted as per the Code of Conduct. Thanks!


@Stretchious does this apply to your thread if it falls off the page, too? You can never bump it?


It applies to all threads - unless you’re adding more to the conversation within the thread, and not just bumping it up the list (as this one clearly is).


alright then, ill just create a new one and force you to merge them like you have in the past.


Or you could hold a conversation with yourself. So long as you’re adding more to the conversation it’s alright, right?


True! who is he to say we are not two people in one mind? Don’t assume my mentality!


“I mean are you not adding to the conversation by letting people you have more stock than what you previously had?”
Is what I’d like to say but I don’t want to get myself a bad name so I won’t say that.


You could say that, but then you could argue that repetition of a post is not adding anything to the conversation whatsoever. Saying you still have stock is bumping a thread whichever way you try to swing it with additional wordplay.

Chances are, if the content of the new thread is the same, it will just be locked and removed from view anyway.


well, as long as it got a few minutes where people could see them. I mean it is in a trading section, either way idc what you say. I will continue to do what I do, and use the trade section as a trade section. So you go ahead, and do as you must do.


I am adding to the fact, this trade is closed sold out. Thanks, T4T