WTS Hopper Cores 3k, Wildstock horns 1k


48 Cores left, and around 100 horns left.

WTS Hopper Cores 3k ea, and wildstock trophys 1k ea

Would you trade Hopper Cores for Rough Emeralds?


nah, i have 40k of those. gems are worthelss


Still selling the hopper cores, I’d like to buy 12 and 14 horns


yeah ill log back in if youre there, was going to bed. Meet at ultima finata?


Sure. I’ll be by the clock tower in 5 mins


alright will do


Ill buy a few also if you still on.


lol. I will log back in, meet at the same place?


sure, im larking ingame


Thanks, T4T

Trade closed, for now.


33 cores left, 130 wildstock horns left. PM or post here, will meet in ultima finata.


Trade for forged gear?


I already have a dedicated forger, sorry.


No probs. :stuck_out_tongue: if i had the money i would be all over you.


That came out wrong. Sorry lol


Lol all good, hope it works out for you.


You selling gems at all? Pm me kinds and prices if you could


Nah the market crashed, I am using what I have left to make decro block, roads on shedu.