WTT 16ss rock salt for pretty much anything else

I have 16 smart stacks of rock salt and want to get rid of them

Offer away, best offer wins!

You have them and want to get rid of them or other way around?

The former; updated OP

My 9 SS of rock salt for your 16; that way you have less of it to get rid of :wink:


salt… omegalul

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I’ll trade you some inventory space for it…


Give you a hug?

Mint it!! It’s like a plague!! Lol

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I still say we need a machine to dump it into to keep a beacon clear of snow.


Ill pay you -7k for them


This would be epic

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Scatter stacks all over a major portal hub. Now it’s a minefield.

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Or maybe a clear salt spray that prevents snow buildup. I hate snow so much. It’s way too thick and way too frequent.


I have ~42SS of the stuff, anyone wanna trade or buy em before I end up minting em? lmao

I wonder what would happen if the devs allowed us to craft rock using rock salt

Or salt cubes. Maybe colored salt cubes that glow faintly of whatever gleam you made them with. Like those pink Himalayan salt crystal lamps.

What do you think @lucadeltodecso @minyi @Leahlemoncakes


Man… I could do such cool things with a glowing salt cube. Pleeeeeeez?

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Salt cubes? How about make it a salt lick and use it to tame wildstock???


Ok it’s decided so:

glowing salt cubes that can be licked so you tame wildstock with it and if you put it out, it keeps snow away in a specific radius
We need compact, refined and deco snow cubes of course haha


Still have all that rock salt? I will take everyone’s rock salt!

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I sure do
Wtf u gonna do with it all? Lol

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