Xa Frant Day/Night Cycle

It seems to be night time 90% of the time… is this a thing on some planets or am I going mad?

Planet in question is Xa Frant, T3 Lush World, Eu

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I’ve noticed our Sovereign world which is a lush world having a massive amount of snow much more often than it used to. I thought it might just be me… so just chalked it up to me being inside more often then not.

I swear the day/night cycle is defined by a local config file? Should be in Boundless\assets\archetypes\lighting\lush_world.json Looks like 24 minutes each, but I wonder if that’s tied to a server time or something?

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I’ve noticed this on trior as well! :unamused::upside_down_face:

Oooh is it? If so, imma change that straight away. 1 minute per in game hour would be awesome

Server send the day/night cycle to the client. I remember there was already issue with that and portal which would change the cycle every time you pass through a portal. This was fixed but maybe it came back.

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I totally thought the same thing awhile back. But was swiftly told I was incorrect.
I stick with my observations that it was infact night more often then day. :man_shrugging: Also glad others notice the same and I’m not crazy. Lol. :v::beers:

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I haven’t confirmed that it actually works on regular worlds. I’ve only messed with it in Sanctum. Let me know if you have luck with that.