Ye Olde Oort Checklist

TL;DR A checklist of every feature players have mentioned they would like to see, hopefully updated regularly. (Note: This is a checklist from the old forums that I have only now been able to update, I had a leave of absence from this wonderful game due to personal reasons but I am back and will endeavor to keep this up-to-date again!)

Here is a list of items that people have mentioned they would like to see in the game eventually.

Note! Some of these have already been mentioned by the devs to be in the works, this is more of a checklist to ensure every idea that has been had that is not yet in the current release can be remembered and not lost in the vaults of obscurity.

I tried to reference as many of the original idea proposers as I could, but I am sure I missed/mistook a few, so apologies. Unfortunately the links for these posts no longer exist so all we have are names, but I think that might be enough for now.

Hopefully I can get around to edit this weekly to keep items up to date with both ideas and the current version.

=============================Player Options=============================

Quite General:

*Animations for nearly all actions.

*Dual wielding of items.


*Breath meter should flash red when below 20-25%. -Rukio and Umajianu

*Ability to toggle whether player names are seen through opaque structures.

*Minimap should have an option to be toggled on and off as well as allowing players to adjust the size of the player representation in the center of the minimap. - Antignarot


*Ability to crawl in small holes and climb over short hills/cliffs. -Eric Steiner

Proficiency System:

*Use it or lose it: Your proficiencies have timers: after a set amount of time of non-use, your proficiencies lose experience and go down to lower tiers. Higher tiers take much longer to decrease than lower tiers. Think of it like this: the lower tiers are beginner’s luck, the higher tiers are ingrained memories that take time to be forgotten.

*The more you use a tool or ability the better you get at it.

Player Interaction:

*Ability to create friends list and see if friends are online.

*Let holding backspace delete text continuously in the chat box. Also caps lock. -Rukio

Parties and Guilds:
*Ability to create parties and form guilds.

*Abilities to create raid groups with a central commander and group commanders.

*Ability to be a member of multiple guilds and rise in ranks in said guilds.

*Guild tabards and paraphernalia.

*Ability to boot players from a party/guild.


*Allow carts/wagons/caravans to have a selling option that allows players to come and buy items from said containers. -Rukio

*Players should have the object they are trading to another player visible between them.

Block Placement:

*Ability to place a grouping of blocks in 2x2x2,3x3x3,etc. fashion, perhaps with a special tool. -Umajianu

*Ability to hold down right mouse button to continuously place a block. -Umajianu


*Ability to tame wild animals, different animals and breeds have different stats and can be crossbred.

*Animal mounts that can be tamed from wild variants of those animals. -Grimoire



*Subterranean beasties, large and small. Think giant worm titans. -Bregma & Master Chill

*Ocean and coast beasties, both docile and aggressive.

*NPCs with jobs and behaviors.

*Magically ‘touched’ creatures. -Dasachi

*Titans with portals attached to them accessible only when alive or when they die that lead to otherwise inaccessible places.

*Tameable pet creatures.

*Various species of hoofed and pawed animals, birds, and fish.

*Insects and swarms.

*Nocturnal and glowing beasties.

*Craftable or trainable golems. -Spaz

*Creatures respawn over time or through breeding.

*Obtain materials from creatures related to said creatures, like horns.

*Creatures build hives and nests. -TheEnlightenedOne

*Luminescent insects that can be stored in jars.


*Mole race. -Grey

More racial ideas:

*Golem, insect, reptilian, amphibian, canine, feline, goat/ram, monkey, avian, bat, centaur, bull/cow.


Quite General:

*Fun items and armor with fun effects and appearances.


*Ability to dye just about anything, including lighting effects.

*Stations that specialize in crafting a certain type of object, like a furnace for ores and a bench for woodworking, desks for writings/runes, etc. -Many and multiple

*Component centric tool building, with augmentation slots/abilities/crating options. This includes creating casts for tools, making the right crafting station for tools, and having the right components to bring different materials together. -Dasachi

*Weapons should have sheaths/scabbards/etc. and if there is an effect like fire on the weapon, it should have a realistic effect when sheathed, like being extinguished when put away. -Master Chill

*Augmentations should have an elemental option. -elsaraiva

*Tools should be able to be crafted in different styles or be formed in different moulds… -Janis & Pharoah

*Ability to have basic recipes for items but allow advanced creation if desired. -Thorbjorn

*Crafting Tools should be realistic and detail/job oriented. -Master Chill

*Tools should be a tiered item, with different materials being superior to others.

*Ability to deconstruct tools into base components, with varying degrees of success perhaps based on a progression system.


*Craftable compass/viewstone to make the minimap a more immersive option rather than a default toggle on/off from start.

*Manipulatable maps so that they can be displayed both vertically and horizontally, with ability to place icons and lines on the map to denote places of interest and trade routes, troop movement. -SeshinaTekinaGemu
+++Depth on maps could be achieved by a multilayered booklet. -Master Chill
+++Depth could also be accounted for with a 3D map, perhaps a projection from an Oortian inspired device? -Umajianu

*Signs and boards. -Bregma


*Snorkels. -Rukio

*Boats and submarines.


*Gliders. -NeonZerglin

*Zepplins. -Thorbjorn

*Airships. -Favorlock

*Jetpacks. -Vishiax

Note! As mentioned by Zouls and Kuma, air travel may take away from seeing ground terrain and structures and would probably work best as an endgame vehicle for guilds.


*Placeable warps and portals. -Mentioned by Devs


*Animal Traps


*Shears or clippers. -Rukio

*A tool to crossbreed crops and other foliage. Think gradient leaves or fruits that do the effect of two separate fruits.


*Block identifier to know the material you are looking at. -Essa


*Weapon Types: Fists, 1h and 2h straight blade swords, 1h & 2h axes, 1h & 2h hammers, staves, spears, bows, crossbows, slingshot, scythes, sickles, spellbooks, 1h & 2h katanas, wands


*Possibilities include shields, light and heavy armors, etc.

*Each race could have a unique armor that it can craft. -Umajianu


*Bags for mounts. -AfroBlant

*Utility belt to hold tools that manipulate the GUI or HUD. -Essa and James

*Wagons and Caravans that can be pulled by mounts/players. -cocopuff21 & Master Chill

*Bags that go in the hotbar that contain your inventory, otherwise your hotbar is what you carry. These bags should be shown on the character, and infinite inventory cannot be done with bags within bags. -Rukio

*Minecarts and Pushable Dollies.

*Bags that increase inventory space.


*Ability to enchant tools, weapons, and armor to produce various effects both cosmetic and stat-wise.

*Potions and Poisons


*Healing Items


*Food: Meats, Breads, Produce, Beverages.

*Travel Stones that can jump you to a waypoint.

*Consumable that warps you to your beacon/home.

*Alcohol/Stimulants. -Havok40K


*Torches that die out after some amount of time. -Azraile

*Lanterns that can be placed on walls.

*Torches and lanterns produce light while held.

*Tiered lighting elements, with the ability to manipulate light and colors emitted. -Patfor333


*Furniture: Tables of various sizes and styles, chests, armoires, coffers, trapdoors both vertical and horizontal, door doors, beds of various sizes and kinds, chairs, benches, couches, stalls, bookshelves, item shelves, mailbox, display cases, wall mounts, weapon storage, statues, carpets, fishtanks, cages, paintings, models of boats and the like, lamps and candelabras, desks, openable windows, banners.

*Writable and readable books/papers/scrolls.

*Guestbooks for when a player visits a structure. -Austin

*Runestones that create different effects in an AoE, like a peace stone that negates all damage, or totems that are composed of many blocks that produce similar effects. -Umajianu & FoxyBingo93

*Doors of various sizes that are lockable/hide-able. -Devs

*Rope that can support blocks at their ends.

*Elevator cables/blocks devices or launchers/receivers. -Grimoire and Rukio

*Some form of power creation, be it electrical or magical.

*Powered technology, think windmills and the like, but Oortian-esque. -mr.stuff

*Blocks that emit audio cues. -Rukio

*Water pipes to pump water to and from somewhere. -Bokke

*Directional light blocks. -GnomeChompsky

*Switches, buttons, and levers.

*Half Blocks. -Rukio

*Rails, stairs. -Rukio

*Instruments. -Hiyosup

===========================Magic and Combat============================

Quite General:

*Some form of death toll:
+++However, the death toll should not incur a respawn timer. -Eph

+++In line with Eph’s world difficulty suggestion, items are lost and durability damaged on retained items only on normal+ worlds.

*Stealth: The more you sneak around aware things, the better you get. PvP-wise, this can be done in tiers of character opacity. The better you are at sneaking, the less opaque you become, eventually becoming absolutely transparent. In terms of PvE, this just means mobs’ awareness of you decreases in the same tier fashion.

*Awareness: every time a player scores a hit on a sneaking mob or other player, they increase their awareness in tiers, making those sneaking mobs and players become a tier less in sneak for every tier of awareness, eventually making those hidden mobs/players entirely apparent.

*Hunting: The more you kill of something, the better you are at it. Same as the proficiencies, this means increased damage to said creatures and decreased damage taken.

*Status Effects: Burning, Oiled, Poisoned, Wet, Frozen, Stunned, Paralyzed, Slowed, Invisibility, Rage, Confused. -NoxiousRaven

*Ability to block and/or parry.


*Spells to allow teleportation/fast movement. -dommy 43

*Invisibility spells.

*Shield and Barrier spells.

*Classic elemental combo spells: Fire, Lightning, Ice, Rock, Air, Water.


Quite General:

*Tiny worlds (4km^2), Small worlds (8km^2), Average worlds (16km^2), Large worlds (20km^2).

*Ability for worlds to wrap on themselves not only in spherical fashion, but in toroidal or Eliptical ways.

*Worlds that only exist for a few days/weeks/months at a time.

*Worlds with specific rulesets for PvP and PvE, hopefully with something in-game creating these constrictions.

*Worlds with multiple suns or moons, where the moons have phases.

*Worlds with extreme climates that require special equipment to navigate without taking damage or being blinded in.

*Worlds with different amounts of gravity.

*Worlds that are war torn and filled with the undead. -Grimoire

*Worlds that have varying degrees of difficulty. Ex. some worlds require a raid group to survive. -Eph

+++World difficulty can scaled by: Peaceful < Calm < Normal < Wild < Dangerous < Hardcore

*Waves on larger bodies of water.

*Currents on rivers.

*Mineral Fountains. -Umajianu

*Water Springs and Geysers. -Hiolopolopigus

*Larger trees. (2x2 and 5x5, etc.) Also have branches. -mink

*Different tree species.

*City-sized trees. -cocopuff21

*Mirages. -Umajianu

*Floating mountains or lakes/oceans. -Umajianu

*Cities designed around the races that exist in the Oort universe. -mr.stuff

*Biome that spreads and creates horrific creatures. -Rukio

*Aurora Borealis. -Rukio

*Moving weather systems of rain, hail, and extreme winds. Perhaps tornadoes that destroy terrain. Lightning strikes.

*Volcanoes that erupt and spew lava. -Rukio


*Snow collects and stacks. -Eric Steiner

Underground Environments:

*Expansive (~5000 blocks) depth environments with buried temples and cities, rare materials and artifacts, underground portals to core of worlds. -Huehuehue & Master Chill

*Subterranean lakes and oceans. -Umajianu

*Entire worlds that exist underground, with environmentally hostile surfaces.

Aquatic Environments:

*Submerged cities and ruins. -Mr. Stuff

*Underwater foliage like seaweed and coral. -Grimoire

*Water worlds with small islands.

Cave Features:

*Stalagmites and stalactites.

Oortian World Elements:

*Oortian ruins with puzzles that lead to artifacts and information about the Oortian race. -Toukon

*Ultra rare artifacts/boons that can only be achieved by teamwork in scaling an Oortian ruin or slaying a Titan and that benefit a group of players. -Multiple

=========================General Game Mechanics=========================

Quite General:

*Oculus Rift support.

*Procedurally Generated Quests. -Darkstar-IE

*Some form of currency.

Block Mechanics:

*Omni-directional placement of blocks. (i.e. inverted slopes/corners/design placement.) -Rukio

*Some blocks should be affected by gravity.

*Some blocks should be magnetic or magical to account for floating structures.

*Some blocks can be sloped naturally, others require tools to slope or chisel.

*Natural leaf blocks should despawn when there is no longer any trunk connection.

*Have tree blocks fall over when the bottommost block is removed.

*Block style placement should be tied to a menu accessed by a key rather than cycling the item through the inventory. -Rukio

*Structures have physical requirements to stand weight, such as support beams.

*Blocks can be broken into micro-blocks

Tree Mechanics:

*When the bottom block of a tree is felled, the rest of the tree should break down, drop down as a structure, or fall over.

Portal Mechanics:

*Conservation of momentum and power for powered/mobile devices.

*Horizontal and Vertical portals. Also, connections between the two such that when falling through a horizontal portal you can arrive on a world where that portal is vertical.

*Some portals are temporary and close after a period of time, while more resource demanding portals are permanent.

*Portals that intersect eliminate each other. -Umajianu

*Ability to vary portal size.

*Limit portal placement distance. A horizontal portal above another horizontal portal that connects to the one above creates an almost inescapable infinite loop and would wreck performance I’d think. -Umajianu

*Ability to pull the connection to a portal’s exit on portals you’ve placed so that you can make waypoints while exploring. -Grimoire

*A portal that is not given an endpoint randomly connects to a world.

Beacon Mechanics:

*Beacons have some form of limit so that worlds are not littered with those unused/abused. One solution is timed beacons, another is that they can be assaulted and taken down with multiple players (Not the original player who placed the beacon.) -Umajianu

*Allow players to have special abilities, like flight, within their beacon space. -Rukio

*Beacons should have different levels of permissions. -Ardos