You cant dump water out of buckets?

Was gonna do like a fountain area and got some water in a bucket only to find that it seems like you cant dump it. Which is confusing knowing I’ve seen past videos with a city having aquaducts…

Ahhh good ole Elop Portas(rip) @Jeffrotheswell.
Currently you cannot, but it has been mentioned in another thread that the devs are working on it. It hasnt been introduced, yet, because of the potential for griefing, so they re trying to find a way to make it possible. From what ive read if the water you pour leaves your beaconed area it turns to ice and spreads no further, and lava works similarly turning into igneous rock.


Oh ok. Well I hope its soon!

I was hoping to add a water fall or ri e going down me mountain settlement :frowning:

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Set it up with the slide blocks or ice blocks for now, then pour the water over it once it’s allowed.