"You changed the colours!"

“You changed the colours!”

Yes! In release 102, we changed the colours! :smile:

“Why though?”

The new texture set is quite different to the old set – it didn’t look right with the old, heavily saturated colours. Detail was washed out, shading looked odd, it definitely needed some tweaking. Some of the old worlds that used already dim colours looked just plain bad when we adjusted them (especially the red ones). So some worlds look a bit different to how they used to – but still cool, we hope! Trust us when we say, you wouldn’t have wanted us to leave them as they were!

We’ve done a percentage of the tweaking for this release – enough to give the worlds some visual harmony and make the detail in the new textures sing, but there’s still lots more to do. It’s going to get a ton better in future releases.

Colours will change again, maybe a few times. Colour balance is tricky. But where possible, we’ll try not to turn greens into pinks, and yellows into blues in the future.

It’s all part of the fun early access journey!

(And for all the Americans that have no idea what we’re talking about, remove the “U”)


I really love the way it looks. I’m not picky on the colors just yet, because it’s so early on. I think the part I love the most is how the grass works now. I can almost pain the ground, and it blends so well. I had a little spot by my house where I was playing with the colors of grass. Before the update, it was too bold. The sections were very separate and often clashed when certain colors were put together. Now, it doesn’t seem to matter what colors I put next to one another, it all sits and blends so nicely. It looks natural.

Hehe now guys i have a nice little bug for you :smiley:

So me and jakog are changing the colours of our grass in the base. And suddenly he asks me why i make blue grass. Because we are roommates i went to him and looked at his pc and we discovered following thing:

When i see blue grass he sees red. When i see red he sees blue. So two players on the same server see different colours anyone else with a friend who have noticed this?

Ah and now we discovered that this counts for every single grass colour from green to red to blue and yellow. We dont have a single colour in common at our screens. And some of the grass is very persistent in not getting a new colour.

That sounds like a bug (poke: @dave @michaelb)

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Oh not, not this again!


hahaha, it’s blue and black!!

No it’s White and Gold god damit!

I don’t mind changing the colors … its early access and still alpha … do what you want and what seams to be reasonable … just continue to make this fantastic game :wink:


Am I the freak for thinking it’s blue and gold?


You all daltonian! :stuck_out_tongue:
This dress is pink and green like a strawberry.

Well, I liked old saturated colours :worried:
But if a job is once begun, never leave it till it’s done. Shall continue my project…

Not sure if you read the post but we’re not done with the colours. Cheer up!

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Yes, I know. But you said yet:

Worth noting that we added 17 colours of illuminated Gleam blocks. You can build a glowing rainbow house if you want!

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Hell yes! I’m on it.

I like the new textures and colours.

I have a question about wedge blocks - can they be placed and rotated?

:frowning: all the pretty bright colors are gone! the textures are really cool but i miss the leaves and the super blue gleam already (i had a roof in leaves on the old texture…but now they look like Raw steaks hanging from my ceiling LOL :yum:

Is it just me or does it look like raw steak???

Hey, at least your pillows didn’t turn into bushes. I JUST figured out how to make a bed.

u can make a bed? :open_mouth:

He ment am improvised one. Craftable beds are just mentioned by now :wink:

Yeah, I use blue dirt and white leaves.