"Your Connection to the Game Server has been lost" message appears when I try to log in (FIXED)

North American player here. As the title says, whenever I try and log in, the message in the title appears after it tries to log in. I was able to log in fine this morning, and another player in my house is able to get on and play. I’ve tried logging in on two different computers, and the message still appears. The only thing I did different than this morning was that while the game was loading, something urgent came up that I needed to take care of, so I alt-tabbed out of the game to deal with it. It took awhile to take care of, and I had almost forgotten I had even started Boundless by the time I noticed it and tabbed back into it, by which point the aforementioned message had been displayed. Did I screw up logging in somehow by tabbing out of the game while it was loading? If so, how can I fix it so I can log in again?

Same here on PC. Some people were getting it this morning then they said it was fixed. Guess it’s rolling on.

Was that before or after the error 17 issue. Last I saw of that they thought it was the SSL certificate. But I was able to get on after they fixed that. But when I came home from work, this new thing was causing problems. There’s an old post about this message on the PS4 but they got it working before support could help them, and they theorized it was on Sony’s end that time, but I don’t know how that translates into the PC environment. I know when I was restarting the computer to see if that would fix it, Steam was really dragging its feet during the shutdown sequence, so if they’re involved in pc players logging in, maybe it’s something on their end. But that doesn’t explain how the other player in the house, who also uses Steam to play Boundless on PC, can freely connect and I can’t. Of course, I don’t know how long she’s been connected, so maybe she logged in before this problem cropped up.

Oh you’re right this is different. I’m getting the same message as you.

It’s around 3:30am where the devs are, so it may be several hours before they are able to look into it.

Alas and alack. But that’s alright, I can find other things to do in the meantime.

Whatever it is, happened at Midnight UTC, so basically as the date changed.

Well, in the process of finding something else to do, I attempted to install a game onto Steam, at which point Steam informed me I was in offline mode, and needed to restart Steam to enter online mode. I shut down Steam and restarted, and it couldn’t get into online mode the first time, but when I retried instead of starting in offline mode like it suggested, I was able to connect to Steam online mode and log into Boundless properly. I have no idea why Steam shunted me into offline mode. I didn’t do it myself, so maybe it was a glitch on Steams part. I would recommend trying to install a game from your Steam library to see if its in offline mode, cause it didn’t appear that I was in offline mode, but I was. Figured I’d post this to see if anyone else has this specific problem.

Steam was updating their servers today so there were outages. It should all be fine tomorrow (or in a few hours).

Well, my problem is fixed, so I will change the title to say fixed if I can.