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For anyone who is interested, here’s a videyo of Avoiding Work Gaming’s first impressions of Boundless. CONTENT WARNING - Some strong language is used in this video.

We play it and stuff.


In addition, if you like the video we’re going to be doing more videos of Boundless in the future.


Nice first look^^ You raised some questions in the video, did you already look around in the forum and get them answered?^^

The only thing I want to add is: There are no generated structures yet. So you just destroyed a part of someones light house.

Lol, @Havok40k has a guard dog apparently


What what whaaaaa?!?

Just in case thats because of the destroying your lighthouse part. As far as seen in the video they only removed 2 gleam blocks.

Why would you grief my ■■■■ then post it to the forums? Poor fcking form.

I don’t know if you’ve seen the video? But they thought (don’t ask me why) that it was a generated structure since they could destroy and place blocks.
And I’m not even sure if they didn’t replace the blocks it cut right there.
A warning should be enough.

“Castle town” is mine too…

But did they destroy anything?

I will have to log in and see, once I get my pc repaired.

I could if you wanted me to. Write or pm me the coordinates and world. Although I might not know if something was destroyed if it’s not obvious

Don’t mind them building in the area, but the wrecking stuff annoys me.

Like I said, I wouldn’t consider it wrecking. Just missing to replace 2 blocks. Very diplomatic I know.


@Havok40k Hey man, not trying to grief your stuff. We’re not like that. We said we were gonna for the lolz but we aren’t like that. Also we didn’t break anything in castle town but we did build something in there. We’re gonna be using it in another video. Sorry to offend, we meant no harm.

(In retrospect, after watching the video again, I can see how you would draw that conclusion but in reality we were testing if we were even ABLE to dismantle or build on another players beacon. No malice intended.)

Just wanted to nip this before it became a problem.

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I wanna see more videos you guys are funny


Also I just want to add this real quick, since I had no idea this thread was even gonna get this small amount of attention, if you liked the video please give it a like because it makes it get seen by more people, and if you want to see more of our videos please subscribe because it makes our channel show up higher in searches. Otherwise just ignore us if you didn’t like the video. Also Happy New Years everyone.

Hey its me! the other guy in the video! lol
so didn’t mean to invade your space there friend. We are pretty new to boundless and didn’t really know what the hell we were doing (obviously). We would love to be a part of your “castle town”, you know doing…medieval…stuff. That was probably the only building we were gunna build there though.
because of the misunderstanding we would like to give you free access to our awesome hedge maze. A olive branch of friendtruceness from Avoiding Work Gaming.

yours truly
DinoDug of AvoidingWorkGaming

p.s. watch our videos
p.s.s turki sucks


P.S.S.S. Dug and Turki are REALLY good at repeating themselves in forum posts AND videos. AVOIDING WORK GAMING COME LISTEN TO US SAY THE SAME ■■■■ OVER AND OVER AGAIN THANKS FOR WATCHING.

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