[Yuga Velo] --[Burn Tier 5 Exoworld]--

Yuga Velo T5-Burnexo samples and tokens are up in my museum… Location: PS G-TE - Lil Porkchop Block Museum (behind PS Gleam portal)… Note: Stale Berry Gleam is back with a nice seam incase you missed it previous exo. Also Nice Sand (Night Fuchsia) and Gravel (Dark Violet) for all you mosaic and concrete makers… enjoy my friends :slight_smile:

BIG thank you to @Cuetzpalomitl for hooking me up with most of the locations :slight_smile:


Loved this exo 300 resin in mins and 3 lvl 2 meteors while friend collected gleam and hot magenta goo


This spot was posted earlier, great spot, going to try to get some tokens for it into the Exo Shuttle Station a little later. :slight_smile: Unfortunately, meteor crashed near so can’t regen it now, in case anybody tries soon!


There’s some up in the air that’s deeper than one layer. I didn’t save coords for them tho :sweat_smile: guess I’ll go exploring again.

Edit: here’s a nice spot. As you can see in the screenshot from that one area I had 303 gleam plus there’s more still. With a little walking on this floating island you can get about 1k before needing to regen.

Location: -1144n 1,243E Alt 143


The floating islands look just like flying snakes. Airborne anacondas. Propellered pythons. Dive bombing danger noodles. Aereonautical asps.


You wouldn’t happen to have a token for that gleam spot would you?

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Put a few free ones in the Exo Shuttle Station - it is on Biitula right above the Hunt Hive portal hub! :smiley:

I can get you a portal token to the one she used or the ones I use. The one she used is only one layer deep. The mountain one I use is in the air away from mobs and a lot deeper. Than there’s also one on the ground by the one in the air I use that’s under the soil that has around 2k gleam in it. Only issue with that one is there’s also lava you have to mind.

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I would love the one in the air if you wouldn’t mind.

Where can I meet you?

Im on lambis right now. Can meet at the icon farming network If you know where that is

The t6 resource hub they have? If so sure thing

Yup. I’m living on nikonya through them

Okay I’ll be at the Norkyna one then :blush:

Have somebody found a good location for the strong cherry tangle? :slight_smile:

Hm I will have to go check out this spot soon :blush:

Got 1800 liquid resin and 1800 Amber. Most I have ever gotten and still a ton left when I went back to base.


Couldn’t find any tangle, I guess no red twinkles then :frowning: There’s not many props which have tangle blocks in them, it will be very rare on planets overall. There’s at least some single blocks of mould, sponge, growth and thorns in some trees and other props, but 0 tangle :cry:

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