Yugen Griefed

Yugen’s capital got hit hard by a griefer… Dev’s is it possible to put in a new landscaping and beacon it? I can build something on it if that’s possible…


Well, so much for my attempts to fix it up after the previous griefer buried the capitol in stone. Cleared off the main bridge and the walkways that lead to it. I log in today to see a gigantic wang wall. Oort devs, can anything be done about this, and how is griefing and inappropriate content going to be handled when you have a finished product?

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Oh this disappoints me. I was hoping oort could stay grief free for much longer…


The least I could do was clear the floating genital in the sky :
This might be the same person that griefed lleb.


I completely understand some level of trolling on a game like this. To not expect it would be silly, but I think some measures should be taken to prevent it from getting out of hand. It takes far more time to restore what was built by the community then it does for a troll to make a mess of it. You won’t have communities band together making wondrous worlds if after hours of fixing they come back to now have to take down the wangwall. Also, if you want people to invest in an alpha product to give you the funds to develop it further, then you want them to tell their friends things like “Hey, you should get Oort and check out this amazing cathedral a bunch of people are building on Yugen” not log in to a phallus wasteland.
I also recognize yeah, this is alpha, the concern here should be development time, testing, and so on. For launch though, I feel like the large scale trolling you come to expect from the internet these days could be make or break for Oort. Beacons are a good idea, for sure, but it doesn’t mean they can’t put your lighthouse in a big brick box.

We worked very hard on clearing that up. :frowning:


How sad it is too see it happening it is also good that it is at this stage where the devs and the community can come up with means to avoid it in the future,
and imho it should be a priority too.

I also think that usermade beacons have a high priority. But with the beacons there are also the tokens which have to come into the game (for setting co-workers for example), so it may take a while.

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It happened again. BUMP.

the word DICKS everywhere again. Slabs and Blocks placed in every place.

Proposed solution: Griefer hell.

Create a server with nothing but basic stone and lava… and dump griefers there with no ability to teleport. There they can write and build whatever obscene stuff they want. Mess with someone else’s stuff too often - banished to the world of fire and dicks.


I was there and helped clean up a little bit and delivered healing stones lol! I was the Red Cross straight up!!! Hahaha :smile: it was really really bad!!!

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Also that capital needs beacons!!! Some one should ask for em… Me and William 904 asked for the capital in Vaiser and got permission granted because there wasn’t much going on it was embarrassing! Feel free to stop and check out the work we’ve done so far!! :slight_smile:


I have already asked for beacons in that area, including the capital. Still waiting ;/

My world got brick griefed too and they were thorough to go through all buildings and roofs. I have a beacon now, but 5 hours in and I’m only half done cleaning the mess.

If we happen to catch one of these griefers, what can we do about them? Is there going to be a system of dealing with them in the future?

…or maybe I should just be flattered that they found my creations so beautiful that it had to be destroyed. Still, I probably have another 4 hours of clean-up before I can start building again and that does suck.

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I saw EliteFenix’s stuff was griefed, so I am guessing whoever is doing it is going into the Request a Beacon thread, or just going to random places.

I’m more curious what the long-term vision is for how they will handle griefing…you can’t always request a beacon, and there’s other griefing that doesn’t involving building dicks everywhere.


I am not sure, I spent around 5 - 6 hours with 4 other people helping clear Yugen out. I am sure I know who did it since they didn’t involve me in their beacons afraid I would do it back to them.

If anyone needs help clearing anything there are tons of people on the forum that seem willing to help out! I’ll be one of them :smile:


Mine took about 11 hours solo and almost done with just one spot left. Now my only worry is that I wonder how long the beacons last or will they be removed at launch or sooner until players “earn” them in-game. I’ve been in other forums trying to get an answer to that question, but nothing yet.

You could just ask @ben or @james ^^

We’ll try to make sure there’s a fair way to retain a Beacon area in future versions.