Zebra empire hunt

Accessible via TNT beckon. The portal is unnamed. Beginner-friendly hunt at Ceph Merika.

7:00 PM est

edit: nobody came. so I’m doing it another time. feel free to lock this


Something to consider, when planning a hunt;

There are certain times that groups run hunts. For example, during the time you listed there, we were in the middle of our hunt. (6:30-8:30pm eastern)

So, don’t feel discouraged if people did not show up, its simply that there are usually time slots that are “reserved” to those groups who host the hunt. And I use the term, “reserved” lightly, as its nots official in any capacity, just more of a common courtesy when planning your hunt. :slight_smile:


@Leahlemoncakes the OP has requested to locks this post. :slight_smile:
Also, hi Leah!

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Exactly!! When I ran hunts, I used to make sure to do them an hour and a half before ElSioui ran his daily Sasquatchville hunts. Towards the end, I’d let everyone know where @Lesioui was doing his hunts, and get done a few minutes early so everyone had time to empty their inventories and go join Sasquatchville hunt.

If I remember correctly, you used to come to both of our hunts when we ran them. :grin::+1: Awesome seeing you leading hunts!!! I’ll definitely be joining them when I can!! Woot woot!

Edit: if the only time you can run hunts is when another group is doing them, check to see which planet they are running it on. If it’s a T6, run your hunt on a T4. If it’s a T4 hunt, run yours on a T6.


Closed at the request of the OP