Zone to friend in same world

It would be useful to be able to find your friends. Walking around using the coordinates is very troublesome and often people are in locations that are not easy to walk to and involve secrete entrances and such. A local zone to someone who is a friend and with their permission would be useful for cooperative game play.

In order to not impact the need for portals and leveling, it could be restricted to the same world travel. Also, it could have a cost for using it, so it is not always used. If the cost impacts both players, it would be a very significant deterrent for abuse. A cool down might help prevent abuse as well.

I feel a bit odd asking for this as this is not normally the kind of feature I ask for nor want since it is somewhat OP and exploitable. So, I won’t be heart broken if it never happens.

I guess the main takeaway is that it is hard to get together with friends in the game at this point.

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I don´t think that possible teleportation to location of certain player, coordinates or spot would be technically possible right now nor important enough to have interest right now even though it could make life of traveling builders like myself easier.

In later stage of development? No, if one can freely even with small cost travel everywhere they like. There should limits like you can teleport to certain friendly (friend list, guild member, or open ) beacon for example. But this all just has to wait till:

Finding friends via coordinates requires little bit work, certainly not impossible, but compass or something where you could write coordinates where you want to go and arrow would appear in minimap could, again, make life little easier.

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We currently fixed this problem in folva by building streets. Currently there is only one long road up to my fortress but we steadily improve and try to connect more places with it :wink:


Voted for that feature twice. Can’t believe people think animals are more important than transportation :rabbit: :gun:
Lol, but seriously, I think having one of the main advertised features would be a more important feature than having something for ambiance currently.

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