I’m new here.

And typically quiet.

Not big into social media or drama.
Enjoy meeting genuine people, though seems rare.

Always been a gamer and have a passion for many genres. Own all platforms and love experiencing many amazing worlds

For myself, this isn’t just a building game.
It has much to offer. And so far, I really enjoy it.

I don’t create massive builds on paper and do them.
I am just simple I guess. It’s who and how I am.
I love all forms of art.
But for myself, I build smaller, it’s what I like.
I never have a plan.
Just like when I draw or paint.
I start with nothing and just start and let it all come together. That’s the type of art I love for myself.
Never a plan or idea. Just beginning and seeing what comes out of the project, as it all comes together. And I love that.

I’m also not here to be the best of the best.
I don’t need validation.
And i just go with the flow of things and enjoy my game and my little area, that I have created for myself. I am here to enjoy and have fun.
Maybe meet nice, genuine people.

So if you ever see my little Hamlet, I hope you enjoy.
But if you don’t like it, that’s fine.
Because I don’t do this for approval.
I play because I really want to enjoy this universe.
Pretty simple. :blue_heart:

Looking towards the stars! :star2: