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I have started a Let’s Play and I’m gonna be posting videos + streams on YouTube.

I chose to make the first episode a lot more ‘tutorially’ because I know that the first episode of Let’s Plays are usually the most viewed by newer players who are looking to see how the game works.

But I do plan to incorporate my 3000 hours of experience into my progression, and NOT holding myself to any ‘rules’ such as; crafting everything myself, being self sufficient or only selling to request baskets. I’m going to be playing Boundless the way I know how to :slight_smile:

Hope to see you in the comments, enjoy!

And shout out to anyone else who has asthma :wink:


Nice! I will try to watch your videos from time to time to support You!

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Awesome, just shared it in a tweet! :smiley:


@May-L04 Thanks May, i’d appreciate that!

@bucfanpaka Paka always helping out! Thank you :slight_smile:

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