014 Parkour! Pakour! | Let's Play Boundless | Ovis Gaming

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Check out my addition to @Apt and I’s parkour shop build at the new Ultima Portal Hub!

I love parkour so much, what do you guys think of Parkour in Boundless?

If you wanna subscribe, I’m not gonna stop you. I’ll even provide you with a link to take the stress out of the equation :fist_right::boundless::fist_left: :



Nice! From what i’ve seen of this so far, this is absolutely incredible

great video! The intro was amazing

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great video!

can confirm, parkour is fun and there needs to be more of it

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@Lunai2 Hahah cheers Lunai, yeh it’s lots of fun. As i say in the video, this is just a testing grounds for Apt and I, we’re most definitely gonna make bigger and better parkour things in the future

@Apt Thanks brother! Yeh 100% agree, we’ll make sure of it :wink: