1.0 gleam colors and locations


Didnt know we had such things in the old universe, anyways if I found such seam I will let you know.


I’ve found decent amounts of the silk mint gleam on the rugged metal planet (sorry, can’t remember it’s name) it’s a very pale green. I haven’t refined any yet as I need to get some silver or gold plus tech components to make the machines etc. …it’s not in huge seams like the cream gleam used to be but I collected over a hundred in less than an hour.


Well maybe one of the planets not release yet will provide a good white/cream gleam source.


I don’t think we will get anything like the Septerfon large stacks of glesm (200-300 blocks they were as far as I can remember?)


I had a few spots on Andoween where I could get 1000 blocks in an hour or so. I hope they do provide a good source. . there are a lot of plans for very large builds and people (including myself) are going to want a way to light them without using torches.

Since they adjusted the prestige to prevent the gleam vault issue, I am not sure why they cannot create large seams of gleam? More colors is nice, but there needs to be sufficient quantity for the many players that will be looking for it.


I actually prefer if gleam is scattered around worlds in smaller sources (like 5-20 together), and that getting a build made of 1000 gleam is a real effort.

But I understand others may feel differently.


I am not talking about a Gleam Obelisk that is 8000 pieces of gleam. I am talking about a build like the Hive that probably required 1000’s of pieces of gleam to light. My build on Solum took hundreds of gleam to light. The use of gleam on the streets to offer light to the cities and towns requires huge amounts of gleam. It should not be so rare that I have to collect it in batches of 5-20 a trip.


Yes, indeed.

But then again - I have found (including my own tendencies) that too much gleam means that other sources of light are almost not used (torches, lanterns). Maybe time to start crafting those in numbers and find more use for them?

Just thinking loud - not saying it’s better that way, only trying to see different angles.


Lambris has it


I am good with torches in a medieval build, some fantasy, dungeons and such. . but for streets, sci fi, cyber punk, and other themes. .they do not fit. And you can make lanterns with gleam as well as torches. The wood grid on the lanterns often just does not fit if you have a room that is a lot of metal and stone. I like them as an option but not as the only option other than torches.


On Serpensarindi I found a location that had about 9 stars in the sky that were maybe 1,000 gleam each. Silk Yellow gleam.


Copy pasted from @Pugnacious on discord, so give all credit to him for this:

Till - Pale Lilac
Boori - Stark Orange
Grovidias Te - Light Red
Serpensiarindi - Silk Yellow
Delta Cancret - Silk Turquoise
Lamblis - Silk Mint
Biitula - Cool Blue (aka White)
Circapous I - Hot Magenta
Besevrona - Light Yellow
Alnitans - Stark Yellow


Nope, don’t give me credit. This is a compilation of lots of other people’s work and time. The community gets the credit. Not me.


So no real blue but 3 yellows? :triumph:
How am i supposed to work like this?



I’ve started adding these here… more block colours to follow!


When mouseover the colors, the mousepointer hide the colorname.


Thanks :+1: I’ll get that fixed today with a proper mouse over tooltip



thanks for the information. . now I have an idea where to go.


When they let us design a planet we are going to have to be very selective on the colors. . I agree we need blue gleam. Real blue


Yes please!