1.0 gleam colors and locations


Perhaps a true red instead of a light red too? That would be nice…but what color of gleam I really want to see is Black.


How is that going work ;o ? Black doesnt emit light :o

Must admit that I am very bummed out that there’s no real blue as well - Theres no blue Verdant grass either, this is a serious bummer…


I to miss the old blue.
I have a feeling there will be more planets by the 11th and that means more gleam colors. at least i hope so. some planets seem A bit cloged already.


Theres a lot of colors I miss on a lot of different blocks tbh - not just gleam :confused:


Hmm, this will go nice with Till’s Minty Trees :thinking:


There is still more planets coming out someday so just be patient for the color palette.


It could be a pale grey tone instead of just thick black.


But wouldn’t that just emite a white light anyway ?


Just a dimmer white light…sometimes the brightness of the old white gleam was a bit too strong imo, especially in smaller rooms.


I suppose so - I mean, can’t really emit black, so emitting a dim white light would prob be the best way to go here :slight_smile:


Or a la “black lights”, UV lighting! :slight_smile:


An interesting idea, a lighting effect that is only visible reflecting off of other blocks!

Probably requires significant new code development to implement something like that.


Yes I’d imagine but if you don’t sort of ask you don’t sort of get. :wink:


Out of curiosity, where can I find the gleam on biitula? Trees? Land? Water?


IIRC they appear in single blocks dotted around hillsides by water but moreso underwater inside rock structures that look like clams. Break them open & there’s loads of the white-not-called-white gleam inside. Try to find shallow clams because it’s easy to die drowning getting the deeper ones.

I found a lake with a good amount in not far from the PS Hub. It was a bit of a trek (easy stuff nearby gone) but not unreasonable - a few mins running at full run speed.


Just casually paddle down the rivers, getting away from the settled areas, like your own private Deliverance (try playing your slingbow like a banjo!). You’ll see single pieces sticking out of the cliffs, and sometimes stone ‘ladder’ formations with 6 or 7 wedges of gleam. Also, underwater clusters you might notice while dodging pernicious cuttletrunks (sooo-eee!).

Bitula is no Lambda or Cancer when it comes to quantities but it’s not hard to glean a satisfactory amount of gleam.


I was gonna say I had a feeling it was near water due to the colour. It’s shocking to find they’re selling it at 60 each!

I have loads of green myself, but I don’t hog a huge amount of what’s on the whole surface, it’s only a small area. I just get a few bits maybe every other day (I’m not even online every day, probably only half the week due to work). They seem to enjoy hogging it around the hub.

And OMG swimming is so slow to find some. You don’t sink in the water quick enough and there’s no button dedicated to it either. Which mystifies me why they have put them so deep in water if you cannot actually get them!


Try holding down the C button if you play on PC to sink


No need to go Bitula for the hard to find Light Blue Gleam anymore… just go to Kada. Right out of the PS gateway you will find crystal swords of gleams. Unless they have all been mined already, you will see them in the dark when you get out of the portal in Kada from the PS gateway hub.


Thanks for the help and advice peeps, much appreciated by moi :sunglasses:

I went for a wander and found many of the totem/ladder things untouched. My design is slowly coming together with this addition.