1.0 gleam colors and locations


Went for a long wander on Kada after this advice. Much of it near the hub was gone but after a little jolly I found ~300 gleam so thank you for this.

The moment I got over a hilltop and saw five clusters all together was quite something. :slight_smile:


I’ve even found a few craters which have quite a good quantity in them :slightly_smiling_face:


I warped to Kada for the first time and landed in an area i dubbed the Gleam pits. 400 gleam in a matter of minutes :scream: went back today, just to look, and its all still there with plenty more :smiley:


There is still plentiful white gleam over there Guys and Galls :grinning: :+1: :+1:
It seems that this planet is made of white gleam


when clam diving, there’s a very specific spot on the ceiling (only on one end of the clam not the other) that you can mine out a single block to make an airlock… or you could always spam a 3x3 sand patch against the roof and mine the middle one for the same effect… fyi

Edit: Whoops! doesnt need to be a 3x3, can do a 5 block + sign - only need to cover the middle block so you can dig it…


Thank you! I did try this but I was on my miner and so I tore through the roof of the clam, panicked, swam back under and drowned. :slight_smile: I will have more success with that helpful info, cheers.


The orange appears to be harder to find than the light blue was. Can’t find it anywhere!


Where is the stark orange gleam on boori? I thought I saw one of the totem/ladders bare, but no others to be found anywhere either. Nothing in the water. Tried underground but no luck (just loads of coal).

It’s driving me nuts looking for it :persevere:


I had a lot of trouble finding any good quantity of it, I traveled the entire map and unless I was retracing some other gleam goblin’s steps, I think it’s pretty far and few. The biggest single deposit I found was a “gleam clam” structure at 1264, 677, 63. I think the best bet would be to bring regen bombs… :cry:


I wouldn’t be able to keep my shop stocked without regen bombs. I have one location for each color with the most gleam I could find in one small area, so when I can’t find any gleam, I just go there and bomb it repeatedly until I have enough.


Devs…methinks you have a similar case to last time with the way too rare red gleam. Please don’t do this again! Some of us have some amazing designs in mind and a lack of a certain gleam doesn’t help. If anything it turns people off playing imo.


Great idea. However not everyone can afford bombs or are able to make them :slightly_frowning_face:


Do any of the new planets have gleam on? If so, what colours?

I know there’s loads of light blue on Kada, I’ve not looked for any gleam on the other new ones yet.


Anyone know if there is any gleam on 'Murica? I’ll do an atlas today (beautiful lilac stone) and post here if I find any!


they sid the worlds are generated at random, so they have no controll over the gleam colors (as any other colors). May be they change that in the future but atm it’s like it is :wink:


You can afford them if you keep playing and advancing. If you can’t afford them then you spend too much coin on things you could gather, or you’re not far enough along where gleam should be a priority.


Glove has Dark Orange gleam. I know it’s probably randomly selected, but it’s handy we’re getting it just before Halloween.

Hint: bring a pair of grapples…


'Murica has Stale Cerulean gleam.


Let me guess…gleam trees :evergreen_tree:


No, I won’t spoil the surprise but let’s just say it’s more challenging than that :slight_smile: