1.0 gleam colors and locations


I found orange gleam there plenty on ground in big groups of ~20. Not challenging.


Ah okay, the spot I found it had it hanging on the underside of floating islands. Gathering it was quite fun :slight_smile:


Lanterns are a good option now, since cloth is pretty easy to craft and the light you get is pure white


Lanterns are good, except for the wood frame. The wood limits where I would put it and I think it is always the same wood.

If you could do them with a metal frame I would be sold.


Till - Pale Lilac
Boori - Stark Orange
Grovidias Te - Light Red
Serpensiarindi - Silk Yellow
Delta Cancret - Silk Turquoise
Lamblis - Silk Mint
Biitula, Kada 1 - Cool Blue (aka White)
Circapous I - Hot Magenta
Besevrona - Light Yellow
Alnitans - Stark Yellow
Gloviathosa - Dark Orange
Cephonex Merika - Stale Cerulean

Any other/new gleam colours appeared?


Cardass - Silk Teal
Shedu Tier - Bright Magenta
Alcyon - Light Lilac
Maryx - Oxide Violet


https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/14B2ojK73OJgfbiwKO1V-b7xomWsHdUovml1c4govP3c/ might be of interest too - @Okkelinor has been collecting color information for all the worlds’ blocks


I’ll check your list against what we have for all the BoundlessCrafting worlds - we’re still populating it in between playing and building :smiley:


I hunted for this last night but couldn’t find it anywhere! Any clues welcome.


My shop in Blacklight? :wink:

It’s the rarest gleam I’ve found so far. Have you checked underwater?


I have seen your shop, when I have more coin I will be by there to feed my habit. :slight_smile:

Ah, that might explain it if you’re finding it difficult too (because it’s on a L1 world?). I have been checking underwater by swimming a lot and dipping under regularly but nothing so far. I did wonder, given the colour, if it’s a night-only hunt for this one. Thanks for the tip!


Nearly all of them are except possibly the light blue/white. Very bright colours are obvious in daytime…obviously :joy:


Imdaari gleam:




Gyoshi Ophin - Pale Sepia


Side note on Imdaari, it seems there may be ground nodes too - see distant glow in screenshot below. Not interested enough to navigate all the lava between me and it but it bodes well for less tricky pickings.



Found Xa Frant:

Also available underwater. Seems like plenty around in single blocks once you’re in the correct biome. Colour:


Edit: Ah, and clams of it underwater too if you have the patience.



Tana VII is up and L2 if anyone fancies finding out what colour the gleam is. I’ll have a search around in a while.

Edit: and Eresho!

Editedit: No luck on Tana VII so far. Doesn’t look obvious and I’ve been through a few biomes. Anyone else found any? Might let impatience get the better of me and try the other one. :slight_smile:

Editeditedit: Hmm, nothing. I’ve done the obvious - night, water too, up mountains to scan for glows, few biomes. 1000 fibrous leaves along the way. Time to try Eresho.


Has anyone had any luck finding gleam on the new planets?


Do all planets contain gleam then? I was thinking it just occurred on higher levels. I’m on refgar.


lvl 3+ worlds