1.0 gleam colors and locations


already seen screenshots with gleam from at least one of the new worlds


Isn’t Kara level 1 and completely covered in gleam?


dunno - wasnt on all lvl 1 worlds, but home worlds are not designed to be gleam worlds from what I know


Kada has gleam too, is a T2 planet, only one so far tho I believe


Well, there is gleam on at least worlds that aren’t T3+, though I will concede that most worlds T3+ seem to have at least some gleam.

I think this caveat is important though, since the gleam from kada is some of the most readily available, and available in bulk.


if home worlds can have gleam (but not all) its unfair set up I’d say


AFAIK Marryx is T1 & has Gleam. Though I’ve never seen it, I’ve spoken to the mystical folk that have.

Many T2+ have Gleam I think but not all.

Boundless Crafting site is useful for this - I’d assumed no T1 had Gleam until I spotted the colour & that it was from Marryx.


It’s an interesting purple color on Maryx. It’s so deep I nearly drown just getting it lol. It is cool though as it spawns in the middle of these massive underwater hands


Home world is Maryx, (lvl 1 planet), purple-ish gleam but only found 5 or 6 so far. For some reason on a dark night I discovered them in the water, never saw them outside of the water. Died a couple times diving for it because it is pretty deep, but worth it.


Where on Maryx are you? I’m building Laputa on Maryx :slight_smile:


Ah I stumbled across your base the other night! So you are not too far from me. Looking good so far with the floating castle! I gotta grab exact coordinates when I’m home later. Castle Black is our settlement name, up on a mountain decently lit up :slight_smile:


Very cool! I’m in the process of setting up a small portal network for local players to not have to get stuck at hubs to often


What’s gleam color complements ice the best? The wife wants to build Elsa’s Castle hahaha


I’d imagine pale cerulean…any blues or turquoise usually look good. Purples are another good colour. I wouldn’t pick bright colours like the stark yellow as you’d probably end up with migraines :dizzy_face::face_with_head_bandage::woman_facepalming:t2::joy: Ice reflects light really well in this game. I’ve seen some stunning displays in the past.


Anyone found any new gleam colours?

I’ve been travelling and seen a couple of new purples, a pale sepia and I think one or two new pinks. Cannot remember the names exactly as I was just running through gleampunk and talking fast before work…


Thanks for visiting my shop :grin: I recently added Cool Azure and Weary Violet.

Boundlesscrafting.com/crafting/gleam is up-to-date with all the gleam colors I’m aware of. You can choose a color and it’ll show which planet(s) it’s found on.

There’s also this helpful spreadsheet by @Okkelinor: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/14B2ojK73OJgfbiwKO1V-b7xomWsHdUovml1c4govP3c/edit#gid=2000284400

…and for completeness:
Ashen Berry - Alder
Bright Magenta - Shedu Tier
Cool Azure - Niia Zed Ka
Cool Blue - Kada I, Biitula
Dark Orange - Gloviathosa
Hot Magenta - Circapous I
Light Lilac - Alcyon
Light Red - Grovidias Te
Light Yellow - Besevrona
Oxide Violet - Maryx
Pale Lilac- Till
Pale Sepia - Gyosha Ophin
Silk Mint - Lamblis
Silk Teal - Cardass
Silk Turquoise - Delta Cancret, Xa Frant
Silk Yellow - Serpensarindi
Stale Cerulean - Cephonex Merika
Stale Turquoise - Imdaari
Stark Orange - Boori
Stark Yellow - Alnitans
Weary Violet - Antvar VI


I would like to request that the list contain a brief description of where to find the gleam. For instance, the gleam I found on Grovidias Te is inside nodules under water.


(Since this is extracted from the world configs, it doesn’t guarantee that gleam actually exists on these worlds, but if it did it would be these colours…)

If anyone fancies going on a mission to find if some of these that haven't been found exist, that would be cool. :joy:


Do you have a better quality of the image? It is a bit too blurry to read.


Can just to this :stuck_out_tongue: Ignore the fact that I forgot how to screenshot :joy: