1.0 gleam colors and locations


Ashen Berry - Alder
Bright Magenta - Shedu Tier
Cool Azure - Niia Zed Ka
Cool Blue - Kada I, Biitula - Found on Kada I in spikes growing out from round ditches.
Dark Orange - Gloviathosa
Hot Magenta - Circapous I
Light Lilac - Alcyon
Light Red - Grovidias Te - Found dotted in the bottom of round ditches on land, or in ‘nodules’ underwater.
Light Yellow - Besevrona - Found in the middle of Igloos on Ice Biome. Dig out ice/glacier in center of Igloo.
Oxide Violet - Maryx
Pale Lilac- Till
Pale Sepia - Gyosha Ophin
Silk Mint - Lamblis - Found on the end and base of rock growths, as well as dotted over rock hillocks.
Silk Teal - Cardass
Silk Turquoise - Delta Cancret, Xa Frant
Silk Yellow - Serpensarindi
Stale Cerulean - Cephonex Merika
Stale Turquoise - Imdaari
Stark Orange - Boori
Stark Yellow - Alnitans
Weary Violet - Antvar VI


Antvar VI - I found it under the water
Niia Zed Ka - In the palms of stone hands deep in large lakes
Imdaari - Hanging from the base of the wavy structures in the air
Besevrona - Also in the rock structures in the air, usually taller ones

…I can do more but I’d have to refresh my memory. I’ve collected them all. Reference can be found at the World’s Warehouse!


i’ve seen this one hanging from floating islands.


Maryx’s gleam is also found in underwater hands prefab


So is Gyosha Ophin’s but sjeesh are they scarce! Only found a handful of them so far.

On Serpesarindi there are gleam spheres in the sky! One day I was exploring a bit out there (instead of digging into a mountain!) and saw yellow spheres in the sky, wondered what it was, made my way to one, lo and behold, completely, and I mean completely, made out of gleam!

Many planets have different spots and ways for it tho. Like Delta Cancret I’ve seen it in the water, scattered 1 at a time in gravel pits but also in ice areas they have those huge sticks like on Kada I.


Thank all of you who give hints to where to find gleam. It has opened my eyes. (applaud)


The ones that are found in the underwater hands are only found in large and deep bodies of water. Take my advice, invest in atlases and look for the large blue patches.

Merika - mainly found in large very deep craters that look like mountains from the outside, they’re mainly made of rock but tend to be close to large flatlands of gravel with boulder towers on.

Circus - dotted in small clusters randomly on land (usually in shallow craters of gravel), cliffsides and underwater. There’s plenty of it and it’s kinda hard to not find it especially when it’s dark (I usually find it when not looking for it!)

Imdaari - As stated it hangs from the floating islands in the sky. Long range grapples are a MUST and spare leaves or dirt to get up to them. If you go through the PS Imdaari hub there;s several floating islands very close by

If I remember any more I’ll comment accordingly…

I also hope that those that are searching for gleam do not get greedy and claim plots over them to hog and prevent others from getting any. THAT in my opinion is just NOT fair and trolling. Let others have a chance…it re-gens fast enough for everyone to enjoy it.

Given what we went though with the very rare red gleam before the game was wiped for release, I would really hate to see that happen again. It only deters people from playing, and that’s not exactly the best thing when dev’s and players are trying to get the community growing.


People are doing the exact opposite of claiming it for themselves actually.


A small tip I figured out by accident whilst gathering some Gleam I passed on a character that wasn’t primarily a gatherer: when collecting underwater Gleam, avoid drowning by having high Control stat so you can break the Gleam without diving so deep. It always floats up so you can just do a collection run at the surface every fourth breath refill or so.


Does this have all the colors yet or what’s the current colors it doesn’t have yet? I really do appreciate everything


Plotting the plots that contain the gleam would be foolish since it won’t regen at all, plotting above it so you can easily get there and it still regens and everyone else still has access is totally ok by me!

On Gyosha they are in those hand like shells under water, I plotted above it, build a construction on top, dredged the water far enough, made stairs downwards and a little ledge. Now I can warp there easily, run down, grab around 20 gleam without needing to swim, throw a regen bomb down and do it again and again until I have enough.
It’s not closed off or anything and any one can go there and use it and I really do not see a problem with it…


That’s absolutely fine imo. It’s when I see gleam already plotted and you can see they’re going to build so far over it that no one can easily get to it…annoying. There’s a certain large build I’ve seen doing just that.

I’ve always tried to avoid claiming any of it, even if it’s reserved. My main building on Lamblis is strategically placed so I have not claimed any of the surrounding gleam as there’s not much there, I didn’t want to hinder others chances. If I expanded any more I would go way above or away from it.


There is this Gleam Code network that did an amazing job amke the spot safe for you to collect them and i did pretty much the same, they are all under Portal Seekers hub for the planets that have gleam on them.
You just need to bring a regenration bomb and profit


Are you Gleam Protector?


if you need cool blue refined gleam, i have like 600 of them on sale for 12C each

Ultima mall floor 3 portal called THE FUTURE


yes (10 characters)


Ahh that’s awesome, we ran across your spots a couple of times as we were setting up ours.


Gleam in shallow rivers on Flan. “Bright Blue” is the colour.


Kol Huroo: Cold Tan
Houchus I: White


I found it hangng from huge trees!

Turned it into Flan Gleam Tree settlement, the floor plots are mine, where there’s gleam they are not. Need to add some walls and a ceiling and it’s safe to mine for everyone!

Also, finally got the trophy/achievement, Flan Gleam Tree is the capital of Flan :smiley: