🌍 Worlds Warehouse—Raw Block Shop & Color Reference

Announcing the Worlds Warehouse—a shop that specializes in raw blocks of every color, and doubles as a helpful color reference!

We currently have all rock types, trunk types, gleam, ice, and glacier available. Foliage is soon to follow.

The warehouse also provides a handy reference of all block color names, and how to obtain each type of block:

How’s it work?

Within the warehouse, you will find an aisle for each type of raw block. Each aisle showcases the raw block and several crafted variants for every color that block can be found in. There are also helpful signs to help you determine which color you’re looking at, and how it can be obtained.

We also buy and sell individual colors of each block; most of which are sold at our base prices.


You can find our current list of prices via our shop site on boundlessskill.com, and # of items in stock/requested.

At the end of each aisle, you will find a bargain bin that buys and sells a bit below the base price. This is where we sell off overflow blocks, and is handy for quickly selling your own blocks if you don’t have the time to sort through the individual color baskets.

And, finally, you may notice a few request baskets backed by gold: these are purchasing at higher rates than normal, and have more coin available. Make some good cash!

How do I get there?

The Worlds Warehouse is a part of the Worlds Tree—you can find the entrance to the warehouse at the far end of the atlas shop. The Worlds Tree & Warehouse entrance is located at -1,424N, 1,626E on Biitula.

We provide portals from a few networks:

Via Moonies

The Moonies forging shop in Ultima HQ has a portal straight to the warehouse:

Via the Aquarius/Ultima Network

The Worlds Tree & Warehouse is connected to the Aquarius Network’s gateway. From the US East planetary gateway, head into the US East Central Market:

As you enter the central market, turn right, and the portal to the Worlds Tree will be in front of you:

Via the Portal Seekers’ network

The Worlds Tree & Warehouse is connected to the Portal Seekers’ Biitula hub (via Gyosha Ophin).

Once you arrive at the Biitula hub, head up the left stairs directly across from you:

You will find a portal to the Worlds Tree at the top of the stairs:


Heads up: we’re now buying every color of every type of rock. Most for 2c each (a few common ones for 1c, like level 5 world colors). We’re also buying most gleam, ice and glacier colors!

There’s currently a good 150k up for grabs

Note that at the end of each aisle is a bargain bin, which buys/sells at the cheapest price. If you want to make even more, help us sort the colors by heading to the basket for each color

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I’m going to visit soon.


coming to trade soon just seen moebsparadize
you just tripled my build speed
was waiting for this :sunglasses:
one thing i would add is a newcome section so we can see whats the new stuff :grin:
are there portal spots in shop :nerd_face:

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Maybe, but you consume raw blocks at a terrifying rate—keeping you supplied might be a challenge :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah! We need to figure out how to flag blocks that we’re buying or selling lots of in an easy to understand way. It’s a fun challenge

Not yet (outside of a couple hub portals atm), but I’m definitely willing to entertain the idea! We’ve got endless space in the shop

good idea butt i meant like when new planets hit and bring new colors

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Oh, yeah, that too :+1: Will definitely update this thread when that happens

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I had the pleasure of being able to visit the Warehouse while it was still in its early stages. Even back then, it was super helpful for me to see what the different blocks really look like, so I could pick the blocks I wanted for a major project.

The place is even cooler now.

Definitely worth a visit (or two … or more)!!


Yessss, give us that sweet footfall!


Nice work! :smile:

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Great! I’ve been looking for a new builders catalogue. I’ll be sure to stop by today.

Great work @nevir and company.

Hey! I’m company! :grin:


let me know if you want some stone. got a heap i need to get rid of to clear up space in shop. also got some glacier and ice i want gone

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Awesome presentation! Shop looks dope. :ok_hand:


This does look very interesting indeed. At least I will now see how things look in games.

Took a look around today. Very handy resource indeed.

Do you plan to add soil, clay, plants and so on? Doors and props would also be handy.

I visited last night and really liked your layout. I was actually looking for a piece of compact clay to make bricks so that might be an area you might want to expand into (selling all the brick ingredients to go along with the rocks)

Yup! Trees and foliage are next, but the ultimate goal is to have all colors of all blocks (…it’ll be a while)

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Heads up: we’re looking to buy large quantities of dark violet lustrous wood (found on Boori, Alnitans, Besevrona, Serpensarindi) and dark red lustrous wood (found on Lamblis, Circarpous I)

We’re buying them at 4c per trunk, and have ~20k up for grabs. You can find request baskets just inside the atlas shop to the right of the portals. Or feel free to hit up myself or @monotkate

Make a quick buck!


You’re in luck. I live on Boori and have a load spare. I’ll drop it by sometime today.

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