🌍 Worlds Tree—Atlases & Resources

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Announcing the Worlds Tree—an atlas shop where you’ll find 100% explored atlases for nearly every world (all level 4+ worlds, and most others).

Additionally, as you head through the atlas wing of the shop, you will enter the Worlds Warehouse, which buys and sells raw blocks of all types and colors! The warehouse also provides a handy reference of all block colors, and where you can obtain them.

How do I get there?

The Worlds Tree & Warehouse entrance is located at -1,424N, 1,626E on Biitula.

We provide portals from a few networks:

Via the Aquarius/Ultima Network

The Worlds Tree & Warehouse is connected to the Aquarius Network’s gateway. From the US East planetary gateway, head into the US East Central Market:

As you enter the central market, turn right, and the portal to the Worlds Tree will be in front of you:

Via the Portal Seekers’ network

The Worlds Tree & Warehouse is connected to the Portal Seekers’ Biitula hub (via Gyosha Ophin).

Once you arrive at the hub, head up the left stairs directly across from you:

You will find a portal to the Worlds Tree at the top of the stairs:

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That portal is too small, I have not even noticed it after I passing there many times!


Yeah, going to have to make that portal larger and add some garnish :stuck_out_tongue:


Thank you for this! I’ve been looking for a specific color palette to build with and this will help bunches!


Doh, for anyone wanting to purchase an atlas, they’re currently bugged out when sold via shopping stands—for now, feel free to PM/whisper myself or monotkate if you’re looking for any of the atlases we have in stock


I love your design! … was a pleasure to visit you and will be again :wink:




This is really great! I’m going to go check it out now :smiley:

had a look and it’s really cool! I can’t wait to see what it looks like when you finish. Do you think you’ll post screenshots? I’d love to be able to pop over to this thread to check out the colours every once in a while


Stumbled on this and it was lovely to see :slight_smile:


Added blocks for all of the level 4 worlds (Circarpous I, Delta Cancert, Till) have blocks for previewing. Delta Cancert atlases are available, as well!

Definitely! Probably in a day or two :+1:


Gleam from level 3 worlds is now for sale (get that sweet almost-white gleam)!


Thank you for putting all of this together!


Love it. :heart:

Minor suggestion though, would it be possible to add a sign, perhaps on the shop stand, saying which planet the displays show off? At the moment you have to click the atlas then right click. :slight_smile:


Unfortunately, signs are very high tech (requires several power coils)—it’ll be a while before I can make any. Opportunity for someone else though :slight_smile:



I had not realised this slightly dumb fact.
I mean, that’s really dumb. The ability to leave messages for other people has been around since literally the stone age.
I’m actually gobsmacked.

Sorry, tangent, this isn’t the time nor place, my bad, sorry.


Yeah, we were kind of bummed about that. Planned on adding signs relatively early until we realized they were hard to get :confused:


Maybe find someone with power and trade them an atlas or two for a handful of signs?


We’re working on making signs on Delta as lots of new players wander in and die due to the atmosphere. May take a few more days though


Just added all level 4 world atlases (Circarpous I, Delta Cancert, Till), as well as Besevrona (L5)! Also have blocks previewed for all level 3-5 worlds.

Please note that there is a 1.5x markup for lava worlds; those lava lakes were a real pain to explore.


Big update:

  • Blocks for all the worlds have been filled in—you can now preview all the things!
  • Added atlases for Alnitans, Pheminorum, Seginiakai, Beckon