🌍 Worlds Tree—Atlases & Resources

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Also, if you’d like a sneak peek into world colors: here’s screenshots of each world, for reference:

Level 5 Worlds


Level 4 Worlds

Circarpous I

Level 3 Worlds

Grovidias Te

Level 2 Worlds


Level 1 Worlds

Sochaltin I
Storis II

1.0 Colour Palettes
Finding Rock Colours!
Purple gleam

Love your shop! I’ll be buying more atlases from you in the very near future! (Especially for level 1 and 2 worlds)



We now have the shop fully stocked with Atlases from all planets!
Since the shop stands are still bugged out, feel free to PM/whisper me or Nevir at any point and we will get you sorted out.



We’ve just added more gleam for sale, and have adjusted prices to be much more reasonable (25-50c)!

Now in stock:

  • Cool Blue (Biitula)
  • Hot Magenta (Circarpous I)
  • Silk Turquoise (Delta Cancret)
  • Stark Orange (Boori)

We’re also now buying gleam of all colors


Update here: You can now buy atlases from shop stands again!

The Worldspire has been tweaked: we’re now selling atlases for many of the worlds (can’t keep up!). We have most of the higher level worlds in stock:

  • Alcyon (lv6 burn)
  • Shedu Tier (lv6 toxic)
  • Alnitans (lv5 chill)
  • Besevrona (lv5 corrosive)
  • Serpensarindi (lv5 blast)
  • Circarpous I (lv4 lush)
  • Delta Cancret (lv4 coal)
  • Till (lv4 metal)

And we also have most of the rest of the worlds in stock, too! Stop by :slight_smile: You can find the Worldspire via the Portal Seekers’ Biitula hub (above/behind the Kada I portal)



Cardass is now in stock! (lv6 shock)

Previously mentioned worlds are also in stock! Stay tuned for more updates, and stop by :slight_smile:


We’ve added Cephonex Merika to the list, and have slashed prices for level 5+ worlds!


This is one of my favorite stores! The prices are awesome too for the completed Atlas!


Added Gloviathosa to the list. We’ve now got all worlds level 3 and higher :+1:


Super cool idea :smiley:


Ive bought at least 6 atlases from you, very very helpful and worth even 3k each, much appreciated!


Big update!

We’ve revamped the Worldspire into the Worlds Tree, slashed prices on atlases, and have added a whole new wing—the Worlds Warehouse:

The Warehouse buys and sells raw blocks of all colors, and acts as a helpful color reference.

Currently, we have all available colors of rock in the game (51 colors), gleam, ice, and glacier. We’re actively working on adding trees and foliage next!

You can get to the Worlds Tree via two portal networks, currently:

via the Aquarius Network

The Worlds Tree is connected to the Aquarius Network’s gateway. From the US East planetary gateway, head into the US East Central Market:

As you enter the central market, turn right, and the portal to the Worlds Tree will be in front of you:

via the Portal Seekers' network

The Worlds Tree is connected to the Portal Seekers’ Biitula hub (via Gyosha Ophin).

Once you arrive at the hub, head up the left stairs directly across from you:

You will find a portal to the Worlds Tree at the top of the stairs:


Looking lovely… definitely gonna be stopping by later, after work (RL…not down mines…wonder if we have any players who work in a mine in RL…)


We’ve added several more worlds: Maryx, Minorengle, Sorissi, Xa Frant

We’ve got the following atlases in stock:

Tier 6: Alcyon, Cardass, Shedu Tier
Tier 5: Alnitans, Besevrona, Serpensarindi
Tier 4: Circarpous I, Delta Cancret, Till
Tier 3: Biitula, Boori, Cephonex Merika, Gloviathosa, Grovidias Te, Gyosha Ophin, Lamblis, Xa Frant
Tier 2: Finata, Lutrion, Seginiakai, Pheminorum, Minorengle
Tier 1: Alder, Beckon, Imoco, Lasaina, Maryx, Niia Zed Ka, Refgar, Sochaltin I, Sorissi, Storis II


What planet is this on?


It’s on Biitula! And connected to a couple portal networks (directions in the OP):



Need your lava plannets? We’ve now got Imdaari fully stocked! Tier 3 and above are all in stock and ready to go. All but a few Tier 1 & 2 are also available!




We’ve got all the Tier 2 planets available for purchase, and have fully stocked Tier 3, 4, 5, and 6.

Only missing a few of the Tier 1 for now!


Dropped off some rocks I have gathered while mining. Was hoping you would have the gleam I need, the orangish color, can’t remember the name. The price was a bit high, in my opinion, found some cool blue I think it is called (looks almost white to me) for almost half the price, don’t remember where. Need that for light in rooms; thinking of adding ice for those who visit to slide down from the top of the ziggurat.


I’ve been restocking some of the gleam lately, but the popular ones fly off pretty quick. I can focus on trying to grab some of the orangish one if you know what it’s called.

The ones that look orangish are:
Stark Orange
Pale Sepia
Light Red