Gleam mining network - Code Gleam

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Hi all!
So, in appreciation of @Alastair66 and @brianamarie 's work and on their behalf, I am writing this quick post about Code Gleam - the gleam mining network. If you’ve ever wanted to mine different gleam colors without the hassle of warping to different planets and having to find the gleam spots (while running from the mobs xD), then this is for you. In short, Code Gleam is a network that connects to different gleam spots where one can go and regen/mine gleam safely. Pictures should clarify more.

As shown in the pics, the network has a portal in Biitula and Beckon. The project is still a WIP - not all colors are there. Other than that, it’s all well done! They’re still new to this so they’re revising and mending things every now and then. Share any comments/suggestions with them and show them love by selling or donating your oorts to them - portals are expensive to maintain as we all know! They also have free spots for players portals. Let’s support the amazing projects :smiley:

Note: I am not affiliated with them in anyway. Please contact them directly for anything :smiley:

1.0 gleam colors and locations
Regen bombs and resource regeneration

It’s very generous of you to make something like this.


Hey REDY3, it’s Awkward, thank you again for sharing this!


WOW! That’s great. Where’s the best place to get Regen bombs?


awesome! asking a gleam expert, where is weary violet to be found? if it even exists!


Sorry not sure. I usually forge my own gear. Forge some cheap bombs - copper for example.


It exists. Not sure on which planet but they have a spot set up for it. Give them a visit :smiley:


Weary violet totally exists! It’s in the palms of stone hands very deep in lakes on Niia Zed Ka. Not super common and a pain to mine :confused:


Fantastic! Love, love, love this. Someone actually helping others find good gleam locations.

Gonna stomp my footfall all over this.


I discovered some colors i didnt know existed like cool azure (not cool blue aka white) and weary violet xD


I have a portal set up for weary violet off of the Xa Frant hub, it’s on Antar VI


I’m pretty sure NIia Zed Ka has the cool azure gleam, while Antar VI has the weary violet. I could be wrong, but I know we have portals up to both of those.


thanks everyone for the answers much appreciated!


We have a few regen bombs up for sale in our Maryx Hub. We will try to keep it stocked but if there aren’t any there feel free to let us know so we can see if we can make more.


WHOOPS, you’re right. I was going on a trip to both of those recently, must have mixed them up!


I love this idea. I’d love to connect a portal to my town for the project but I’m EU based. Do you have plans to add portals to your EU hub? Also is there anything that could be supplied to help out in expansion of the project?


Yeah we can add some player portals in there. I’ll be on for a while longer tonight if you’re on now stop by and we can find a spot for you


I’m on now…I’ll swing by momentarily


If you guys want to donate Oort… it’s what we need more than anything


And here i just spend ages to get good warp locations for myself =p.
Awesome you guys set this up for public use.