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So I thought about the server world system we have in Oort, and how interesting they could really be. So I thought maybe it’d be cool if there where specific worlds for specific reasons.

World 1:Mini-games
This world would be used only for the purpose of mini-games. No one can build or destroy blocks or place beacons. Mobs wouldn’t be able to spawn, and the weather would stay consistent. With PvP turned off.
If you had a idea for a build that you wanted to carry out,you would have to go on the forums and ask for permission.

World 2: Build museum
The only this world would exist,is for the purpose of showing off your building skills. If you build a really dope looking castle on Kovah,there’s not a good chance people will be able to see it;but if you build it in the world everyone who goes there will see it.
The same rules apply as the last world.

World 3: PvP/PvM
This world,as you can imagine,is for player vs player or player vs mobs. I don’t know about you guys but I would rather not go around killing and getting killed.
Instead,I’d rather go up to someone, challenge them to a fight, we would choose our arena and go to battle.
In further detail- (What I mean by chose your arena is,when you challenge someone and they except; a GUI will appear on both players screens with all the arenas they have in the PvP world. The players will choose a world,and go to battle in whatever arena got chosen randomly by the computer.)
Also,it could be a great way to get XP with arenas that are for players to fight mobs.
In further detail-(What I mean by this is,you go in to your inventory, go to another GUI that lets you choose a arena for yourself. In this arena mobs will spawn trying to kill,you kill them,you get XP. The spawn count will get higher for each will of the arena you complete,the last level being a Titan or random BOSS). The same rules apply,just with PvP turned on.

Beside the fact that it wouldn’t make Oort more original, because a lot of MMOs have special worlds/instances for all these things, what is the reason to make new worlds for things you can do everywhere anyway? Except for the whole mob spawning thing maybe.


Yes,you can do these things everywhere,but like I said don’t want to go around killing and being killed,plus it will take forever to find "mini-games people have built,but if you go to this world…
Boom mini-games for days.

Well, having everything thrown in my face would bore me to death. And it’s not what Oort should be in my opinion.
But there might be people who support you and your idea.

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No,you can still do all these things in a regular world,but this just if you want to share your creations with the rest of the Oortians.
Plus,what if there’s a no PvP area,but you need to fight to settle a conflict,you go to this world and duke it out,when someone wins you both end up back where you started.

It seems like the easiest way to do this would be for individuals interested ideas like this to pay to rent a monthly server that they then dedicate to maintaining and nourishing for whatever purpose they are renting it. Maintenance and moderation of these worlds would likely take away from dev resources, so it’s up to us, the players, to come up with some nice workarounds like my idea above.


Hopefully you can duel him, if not then you go to a pvp beacon, which is a thing.

if not then there will most likely be pvp specific worlds you can go unto but that is without any safety net.

as kuma so nicely said, there is no reason what so ever to add worlds only for one thing, it should be integrated into the real worlds and then if people want to build a minigame area they would team up and make that, if somebody wanted an arena they would build it, i would rather see community driven fighting rings and minigames pop up in the world rather than on a seperate world

Also keep in mind that switching between worlds will eventually have a resource cost.


Who would give you permission? And can you imagine the resulting chaos of 1k+ active players that demand permission?

If your build is worth visiting people will come to see it regardless of where it is located and if you build is not worth visiting people wont bother to check it out even if it is on a “museum” world.

If you want a dedicated area for mini games you can start to build an amusement park as community project on any world you want. If it is good people will visit it / add their own mini games.

Or the dev´s simply add a duel option like in any/most other MMOs


Came here to say exactly this. These worlds can be connected to the universal network, but would not be official Oort worlds.

Ok,again this is just an way for people to share what they’ve made,and what if people don’t want to beacon there builds,in this world they don’t have to.

So instead of building on a real world you want them to do the exact same on a seperate world?

with no beacons? does that mean that everybody can remove any block? does it mean that they have to make a new system where only the person placing a block can remove it? if that is the case what about community builds? if someone helps you build something and you dont like does that mean you can only remove half of the build? what if you build something and a troll build a huge wall around it and you couldnt remove it, wouldnt it then be hidden forever anyways?

Ok,this is a idea. I’m not a developer,this is just to get some brain storms going. Not for you to go and fine every little thing that could go wrong.

I was just curious if you had thought about it and if you truly believe that it would be worth the time making the devs job rather than just player rented servers (personally think this is a great solution) :smile:

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I did,and I think it best left to the developers to get in to the technical stuff😐

Would it be enough for you to be able to rent a server where you can completely control the rules? that way you could make any type of world you wanted :smiley:

That’s actually not a bad idea,but I still think it misses the purpose of idea.
I want worlds where you could go on a in game vacation,go get inspired by the best builds you’ve ever seen,or just have some fun on some “Ice-bounce-block-slide-things” or just kill a lot of things.

Think we will have that with privately run servers, would be interesting if we got a tab on the forum when the servers comes up where people can advocate for their servers.

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I assumed :open_mouth:

Lower tier worlds - mostly build/mini game worlds.

Mid tier worlds - mix of build / mini game worlds with pvp- pve worlds were you build at your own risk

High tier worlds - scarse build/ mini game worlds, majority pvp- pve worlds where you build at your own risk


How does having a private server not satisfy your desires? Assuming rules that are optimally robust, you should be able to create worlds that don’t have the regeneration rules on, that have enhanced mob spawns, etc.