190 objectives?

There is a feat to complete 190 objectives.

I am stuck on 166/190:

The only objective I have left to complete is The Great Replenisher which seems bugged, there is another thread that addresses it where others also cannot complete it.

Does completing this objective open up the remaining objectives? Is there 190 objectives currently in game?

I believe it counts ones on alts as well. Or at least someone was saying one of the feats does. I think it was that one they were talking about :sweat_smile:

Not sure how an alt will help with this particular objective, might be a different one. Here is the original post of others not being able to complete the objective:

This is the comment I was talking about. And I know I earned some trophy’s on my steam account even tho I barely touch that character and honestly shouldn’t have a single trophy. I’ll have to check and see which ones they are.

But this is also about trophy’s and not feats so makes my comment null and void.

Also the daily and weekly objectives should count for that.

That one is referencing the feat totals. The objectives are different to the feats. I will slowly chip away at the feats, it’s the objectives that won’t progress any further for me.

Yea but the daily and weekly play time/xp is considered an objective so that should count towards it. If it’s not than I’d say possible bug. Hmm nvm. Could have sworn daily was called an objective. Considers it a core feat so that might only count for the week after week feat and nothing else. Tho it should count towards the feat master as well since that is based on feats completed. And the objective tab for me is filled with so much stuff it’s not funny(don’t actively try to complete them(I’m a miner and I don’t even have those objectives complete :joy:))

The trophy has to be glitched then if you count the weekly feats I would have 704 completed out side of the other core feats

They aren’t referring to a trophy. They are talking about a tier 5 core feat that is for doing objectives not feats

Yeah, it looks like there are not enough objectives that satisfy the feat, so thanks for the report and screenshots. It’s been added to the bug database.