[Objective] The Great Replenisher

I try to complete the objective “The Great Replenisher” where i need to restore other citizen’s energy. I have my forged bomb with the boon Replenishing, i throw them at my friend who has no max energy (while using a spanner or grapple or shooting the air) and it restores energy to him but my objective tracker does not count it. Also tried to complete this during a hunt. It think it is bugged for me because i tried to do it a few months ago too and was not working, i also submitted ingame bug report two times.

Can someone help me? Maybe i am doing something wrong.
It worked with the previous part where i had to heal citizens.


I too am stuck on this objective.

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Does the feat require you to replenish from empty to full?

I ask just because of this comment.

You can try with my character if you want, I have max energy and I can do with farming gleam so you can throw a energy bomb when my energy is low? @Pannero

Thanks. I wanted to say that my friend was using his energy so he had energy missing, something like Jacey said. Sorry for bad english :slight_smile:

What was the outcome of this?

He got his energy regen, but i havent got credit for the objective. I tried it during hunts on shooting players too. Also tried it with only healing+replenishing and healing+rep+cleansing bombs.

Still not working for me either.

Thanks for the replies, I’ll add your comments to the bug database.

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Does this maybe have to do with the fact that bombs no longer give back hunger? Since that would be restoring energy where as filling the bar is replenishing it.

Edit: I’m on PS4 and I don’t see this trophy. There’s only 2 hidden trophies for me and that’s getting to the core(which is the core objectives one) and Skill Shot(which is defeating 5 creatures at the same time with a single bomb hit)

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Thank you! :blush:

Hunger is different to energy, where the objective itself is asking to replenish the latter, if I understood your question correctly.

Which trophy are you referring to?

How does one see how much hunger one has?

This isn’t for a trophy. This is an objective to complete.

Ohh my bad lol. Guess I’ll have to look again to see if it’s completed for me.

It’s one of two objectives I have left to complete.


The darkest shade of grey on the right shows the visual for the amount of hunger sustained.

It’s the one on the furthest right. The lighter shade of grey is the part that slowly replenishes back to yellow.