1x1 Portals

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I am building my own portal network for my base that I am building and I really love the idea of portals that lay on the ground. Im fairly certain that at the moment you cannot have a 1x1 portal but this would be kinda awesome for what I want to do. Is there any way that this can be implemented?


Yeah and 1x1 portals should only face upwards/downwards (obviously)


My assumption is that these can also only be used on the same world and wouldnt be powerful enough to go to other worlds. It would solve the weirdness that is 1x2 reaching other planets and the minimum for same world (IMO)


Yeah although it would be great even if 1x1 portals cost the same oort shards as 1x2, a cheaper world-only alternative (or even limited to 1000m or something) would be really useful for things like small jumps, elevators, planet hubs, etc.


I’ve proclaimed my current base “puddle jumpers” because with a 4x4 you can square chisel the corners and have a single hole to jump into and it pops you out the other side the same. Filled with water it gives an awesome visual and audio effect

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I think maybe check out the Zebra district in Axon on Biitula. No clue where exactly that is as I avoid Biitula but there you go.

Hmm I tied doing it recently and it said invalid maybe I’ll try again.

I’ve never been able to make a 1x1 but you definitely had some fun with flat 1x2 and 2x2.

There’s a way to set it up where it kills you though, coming out on top of the portal you just passed through or something. It’s been a while since I played with it I can’t remember the exact circumstance but I had one for a while that would kill you with (I believe) impact damage or crash the game every time you passed through it.

yeah I cant get a 1x1 to do anything for me :frowning:

It always says distance is too great need a 1x2

What if you covered one half of the portal, and make it appear as if it is 1x1?
That might cause issues with getting stuck or dying though.

that is what ive done with the 4x4 and made the center open to look like 1 block. I can easily do that and that is the backup plan but just hoping that 1x1 could exist lol

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You could use a 1x2 on the ground as well, save oort. I do wish 1x1 was allowed.

Didn’t we have 1x1 portals at release?

In EA that was possible to do 1x1 portals… i doubt it was like that at launch.

upvote. :CasuallyWhistlingSmiley:

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