2,592,000 free spark


I did spend some time cutting wood today.

On my hub I have 86,400 trunk. I’ve loaded them in stands for free.

My hub can be reached by coming to the planet raxxa. There are gates marked “Lantern Gardens” in the portal seekers hub, the hubbit hub, and the ultima hub. If you use DSK Galaxy the raxxa gate will also bring you here.

Trunk isn’t great for heat but it’s also charcoal if anyone needs that. And it’s alcyon trunk (silk berry lustrous wood) if anyone wants to build with it.


hope that there is some left. I use up a Lot of charcoal in mats for forging.


All gone :disappointed_relieved:


I was able to finally find my way there and got 9 smart stacks, that will give me a lot of charcoal for a while.

There was quite a bit left when I was leaving, so sorry for those who didn’t get any.


sadly can confirm all empty :frowning: