2 beacon right next to eachother


Is there a way to quicly combine 2 huges Beacon that are next to each other? I have 2 beacon on 1 character and 2 other beacon on a 2nd character that all touch eachother but I would like avoid having to fill up 2 beacon when I could have only 1… bad old claim I did a long time ago haha :slight_smile: Thx!

Just for your information beacon have about 1200-1500 plots each :frowning:

Did you try joining them? I have multiple beacons on my build and I join them to the master control of my home. I think it was 3 plots wide to join.

You would have to unplot one of the beacons and replot entire area over. There’s no way to combine the beacons. If only want to have to fuel one beacon, unplot and replot into one beacon.

Or you can buy GC 50$ a year.

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I wish another way was possible :stuck_out_tongue: because unplot is easy we reclaim service now, but claming back correctly those 3000plots is hard :frowning:

Just do it one row at a time, if the beacons are right next to each other. Remove row from one beacon and add to other.

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