20 Things You DON'T Know About Boundless! - New Video


Happy weekend, Oortineers!

I have made a video of 20 things you probably don’t know know about Boundless (I’m aware that the forums aren’t the best place to find newer players, but they’re out there!)

I took a lot of ideas from the forum post I made “things I wish I new sooner”.

I hope you find this video useful, if you know anyone else who might not know any of these 20 things, feel free to share the video with them :wink:

And if you enjoy the video, leaving a like or a comment on the YouTube video would really help out my channel! :high_brightness: Also if you don’t want to miss out on future videos, join the team by hitting that Subscribe button :wink:


Hey, its like the best of the Boundless secrets post in a video! Nice!


Cheers mate :smiley: There’s a reason I made that forum post :wink:


Oh man, I didn’t know I don’t know that much! Great video @Ovis
And thanks for featuring my tower hehe


Thanks Karo! Haha it’s a great tower, I just had to jump off of it :joy:


I love jumping from it too xD Always carry some revive brews coz in contrast to you I always find myself having no grapple :thinking: and die… missing the trampoline


Great video! :ok_hand:


ahhh… at least three things… after 250 hours play … doh!


Thank the Lord, Proteus! Cheers mate :+1:


I had no idea you could make soup and broth! Or that you could climb slides/ice with sneak.
Thanks so much!


No problem at all :smiley: Yeh the furnace recipes are super helpful, I now know what to do with all my Earthyams!


Great video, @Ovis. Now I know how to let people know I’m ‘hot and ready’.



i knew them all!


Hahah, just when you thought you knew everything about the game, I make a video :joy:


@Pseudonym84 thanks Pseudo! Hahaha damn straight :wink:

@Hazir Haha you win! :smiley:


Nice vid sums up a lot of the things discussed on a similar thread on the forum great job


Cheers mate, I appreciate it! Yeh that was my thread :wink:


Keep them coming Ovis. After squidgy you must be my absolute favourite Boundless Youtuber, youtube artist or what is it called?

I didn’t know half of what you listed btw. Thanks!


Aw thank you @Mittekemuis, I appreciate that! :smiley:

I’d just called it “YouTube Boundless God of All Things Creative”… Or something along those lines :joy:


Very nice video. One complaint… stupid embedded video wouldn’t let me get to your LIKE or SUBSCRIBE buttons. Not to worry, I’ll look you up manually and do both.

Here it is: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6077junCTIw