2023 Boundless State of the Universe


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I see what you did there!

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Well what are the options? Play the game and wait or take a break/quit. If someone has other suggestions, let me know. In the end, complaining and writing them isn’t making things faster.


I ve been quiet all the time but there are some things i want to say now…

I dont understand why the transition takes so long …

I know from someone who is more than 20 years in game industry that it normaly not takes as long as it does in this case.
Normal Case 3-6 Month.

Is it perhaps that WS got all the Money till Shop moved to Monumental and that it was the payments to them ???

Why Don t you hire people early to start Brainstorming which way to Go and what to Work on Updates and timelines etc.???
Hirering will take time too and no jobs on homepage written for Boundless or even that Game is mentioned …

This costs Money sure but If you want to earn money with this game you have to Invest …

Important always is communication , even you can t fix as example the lags during the hunts then make an announcement sry we ren t able at the moment. Then people know about it.
Doesen t matter what you re doing small monthly updates telling people what happend or happens is a small thing for you you can do but a big thing for the playership instead of saying nothing .
This is a kind of marketing to your existing playership…

People want to have new stuff and me too nearly playing 5 years this Game now with 9300 hours of Game time …

The Community is awesome and i think thats the only reason why i am still there … But i Don t know how long because i think you re not telling us the truth …

My opinion is that the said 1 year after transition to start development is that you want to earn money from sovs and fuels to Invest this Money then for the development.

If this would be my Game i would try to get First done some fixes and try to add a small part of the existing add on 249 from Testserver or If that would be a Problem than add some …Blocks so people have more or new stuff to build and thats not much to programm …and the people will be satisfied for a while and you can work on further bigger updates.

After 3 years without no Updates many people get bored.
And waiting another 1,5 to 2 years thats normaly the death…

Every game gets and needs regular updates 1 Minimum a year , when its a MMO or it will die…

There are some games which seem to be very intresting in the coming Future in this Genre and If you Don t get busy with Boundless you ll lose the players and your Money…

I wanted make new sov but i won t for the moment and will let expire the Planet i have , will only renew my gleam club because of all the beacons i have on several other player planets for the hunts.
Its because i won t put more money into a Game i Don t know the way even i Love it.

Nobody waits years without anything new…

I am a Person which is very diplomatic and Don t likes negativ speaking but i think its time to let this Out once for me and Look into reality whats going on with this Game at the moment.
You can hate me for my thoughts and opinions i won t be angry to you .
Not to misunderstand i Love this Game, but If you Don t care your Love it will vanish …
Greetings Turrican2006


Because I’m curious, this is the sort of thing I was interested to know, and I really appreciated the explanation you (and others) gave in the last thread on this subject - I have often wondered just how many moving parts go into making a game like this.

For all we know it’s a lot of permissions kind of things. I can imagine that shifting Playstation content could be a huge problem. In history, Sony gave a lot of games already barricades that seemed not developed enough to be brought out etc. I can’t remember which games at the moment but I remember having that conversation with my brother back then. So maybe Sony is hindering them as well in some ways. Like mentioned above, as long as the Playstation stuff isn’t transfered, there’s also nothing they can do about lags or glitches that people experienced now over the weeks.


hard to explain few things, english is not my native language and even best translators cant translate directly what i want to say

bet most of you know the process of making/developing a game? programing, coding, assembling, testing, bug fixing etc?

imagine you made a game youre not longer interesting in developing, you sold them to other, you gave him all your sources but

he have to learn from beginning how you coded it, be familiar with all templates, learn how to animate single new added item

and dont forget - you had world generator, it still working as it was intended but you need to learn how it was made if they want to add new elements?

they have to learn how to expand actual boundlessverse to add new tier of planets?

game developing is 1 thing but

rights and trademarks are different things, transferring rights, trademarks demand a very detailed agreement/contract, they taking rights to every template, every single code line, every item model and animation, bet every single grass seed demand own contract line

now all the platforms game was released on - all they demand own transfers/agreement/contract between WS - Monumental - steam/sony etc

copyright transfer are the most complicated hard to finish agreements/contracts

and most important - PUBLISHER

it wasnt easy i think, they had to prove to SE that they would be able to actively develop game further to remain under their wings, if SE are sure the game still got a future they will be publishing it under their name to lure more players:

look, SE gave it its mark, it should be worth a try

anyone can add something to it?

really sorry for ping, but
please, any comment? do it looks like? it really be nice to see Monumental post from time to time with actual transition phase?

i really love this game, i want to see it blooming and shining :D, i want to see expanded universe, with higher tier planets, perma T7-T12
we need to awaken titans in their cores to help them start oort stones growing under surfaces of all boundlessverse planets, all perma, sovs and exo :smiley:

I don’t need to tell you anything you should read what others are saying we are voicing our opinions there is no need to explain our self’s to anyone we are un happy with the state of the game and we have a right to speak up about it, others should respect that and not try to over shadow the things we say with go play other games or just wait those are not the only opinions this is a product we are all invested in not just the select few who back the game from the start there are so many players who pay 100’s-10000s of dollars for planets and gleam club every month for long time us talking about what is going on is the information the devs need to understand where the game stands with ALL players not just the few who speak on forums all the time there is more players than that so we will continue to voice our opinions on the state of the game just like every one else speaks up about things in game.



Edit: I’m not sure why this was flagged to oblivion.

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I just don’t think it’s a great thing, considering how few people are actually playing right now, to tell other people, “Well if you don’t like it, buzz off and go somewhere else.” instead of listening to their concerns. Like. . . we need all the players we can get, so shouldn’t we be supportive and helpful instead?


And those of us who get tired of this incessant whining will continue to tell you to be patient or go play something else until such time as the game is in active development. Complaining about it isn’t going to make it go faster. :face_with_raised_eyebrow: :man_facepalming:

Edit: Thanks to the people who flagged this post. Seems my point was made. :man_shrugging:


good come back the was was so productive insulting me how about you try to talk with out the the small insults that you think others don’t catch “whining”

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Noone said that giving your voice about the game is a bad thing, ofcourse it’s a good thing! And I love reading everyone his or her opinion and feelings about the game. But the same question over and over is also not needed. I have asked @tiggs to make an official sticky on the forums about the rough time it takes before anything is going to be done. This way we could point out the thread without people stepping on eachothers toes. And @glr not direct towards you but gleamclub and sovereign are not a must and is a choice and cannot be hold responsible for any type of information where the game stands.


investment is there responsibility its there job to ether tell us the game is going to die or show us things that will keep us paying for things its in there best interest that we give them money for a services witch this is since there is paid options logical business
All the other games I pay monthly give updates periodically not always things we like but there updates witch shows there is thing’s happening.
IT is looking like there is nothing happening only logo change overs and shop change overs .
This is all feed back we are giving there is no we hate the game or you have to do this now because we want new game we are worried that the game will die because not all players will continue to pay for things with no updates that means less money being invested into game by players witch means harder to do things and pay for devs for them.

They aren’t obligated to do a roadmap or timeline. It’s not possible at this stage because it’s still a transition period.

Whether it’s a small game developer/publisher/company when one gets bought out there is a certain amount of time that it has to transition. This is due to legalities as well as organising a team together. There’s a lot more to this than people will see.

We have been told this repeatedly that it’ll take time to get this together. There can’t be a roadmap or timeline of what to expect until that has happened and they have communicated this repeatedly to us.

We do just need to be patient.

Just to add the issues that are happening ingame atm are server side and can be remedied by them. There’s no gatekeeping or barricading from Sony. The issues that are happening are effecting both PC and Playstation players.


With the kind of comments appearing in the thread and the hostility, I see why wonderstruck sold the game.


Big yes! I just know I got the information that playstation still needs to be moved to monumental. Therefore they can’t help with my experienced ingame issues. There wasn’t further a word about PC if it still needs to be transferred.

However, to give something to think about. So we just have a few months to go until we can call it a year of transition, what they also estimated as time. It seems when one looks at the links shared by @Lorgar, that all kind of purchase things got sorted already, steam, ps purchases and the online shop for sovereigns. What do you guys think, would a company first try to get in money by shifting shops into their hands, or would they first start with the whole data bunch and kinda do shop and purchase stuff in the end of a transition? I think it just makes sense to have a game in your hands before selling copies of it :thinking: so if one wants to think optimistic, maybe we are indeed not so far off anymore from seeing an end of that transition. What you guys think? We can only wait and see and stay positive.

If I had the money to buy it I would and turn the game into 3D Tetris

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I Woulda Hired the community…

(Starting by making Georgio-chan a Ruler of all things Evil Muhahahaha :laughing:)


I’m in! Mwahahahaha. :skull:

And when Monty and Tiggs want my help I’ll be here for that as well. Until then I’ll just be enjoying my time building away and hanging out with the awesome crew of Reapers that are very actively playing boundless.

This has been a fun thread to read though.