24 hours of Boundless?

Can we go 24 hours streaming Boundless? up to the viewers twitch.tv/spitcup Lets try to run this thing a full 24 hours 1 sub equals 1 hour. Boundless Hype. (sorry if not allowed go ahead and delete if so)


I’m going to be honest, here… that feels more like a way to get subs than promote Boundless.

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Any kind of visibility for the game is good.


I m at Work will try to watch AS much AS possible :grin::grin::grin:

Just watched you forging for a bit, I really need to learn properly!
Will tune back in when I can :slight_smile:

Same here. Just watching him do some forging. Will definitely tune back in later!!!

Make sure you get viewers not already playing. Hit up ign or something. Gamefaqs idk.

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