255 colors

Reading a lot on forums about goo colors, I saw a post that stated there are 255 colors in the game. Does anyone have a list of these colors please.


Dont know who made it got it from somewhere around here.


Those numbers are all off by one. The index goes from 1 to 255 (0x01 to 0xff) skipping 0 (which is always odd when using 8 bit values) Tried setting it to 0 on Test and it gave me 162 (which is 0xa2 hex value - again odd).

https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/14B2ojK73OJgfbiwKO1V-b7xomWsHdUovml1c4govP3c/edit#gid=2039718904 is correct on the Index tab at the bottom, going from 1 to 255 and giving you the matching color when entered on the GiveMe window on Test

Most importantly, the spreadsheet has 209 correctly shown as Vivid Cerulean =)

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Index 0 is always the default colour of each block for the world you are currently on.

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Also note you can change your characters color to any one of the 255 colors. I think people forget or don’t realize that those are the colors used for the blocks. But anyway there’s at least a way in game to see the colors that can be used(albeit rare or common depending on the block/color)

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