3d Printed Beacon Control Tea Candle Holder

Bit and pieces of info in other threads but decided to make a new thread to make it easier to find if anyone is searching for the files later on.

Anyway… wanted to have it completed before the birthday events, but turns out I did not have many paints around the house, so it has just a basic paint job on it for now until the new paints I ordered come in for me to refinish it a bit better.

So, here it is moslty-done with a rough coat of paint and links to the stl files for anyone that wants to 3d print their their own. I will update this thread with better pictures once it gets a final paint job.

Happy birthday to Boundless and the Dev Team!

STL files. I split it into 3 parts for easier printing.

A few of the in progress pics from the other thread


Don’t want to download anything :). But couldn’t they just add a tea candle holder to the game? Wouldn’t it be easier than reworking the beacons?

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This is so you can 3D print your own PHYSICAL candle holder based upon the model of the beacon from the game.


Oh ok now that’s amazing!!! Hopefully people will do it and share it since not everyone has the money or time to do it. BUT I WANNA SEE IT!!!

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This is AMAZING.

Now my life isn’t complete without one of these bad boys.


Usually the main branch of any public library in a big city has a 3d printer anybody can use - it’s a fun thing to do!


Last year, maybe.

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This is neaaat!

Now i want a stack of printed totems to throw at fellow bad drivers :joy:


Haha very nice. I have to unclock my printer sometime. Darn ABS!

Did you put smoothon in it?

Out of curiosity does the flame not make the top malleable again?


What are the dimensions of the model? Just curious if this would fit on my resin printer without significant down sizing.

This is amazing. I love it! Now I wish I had, or knew someone that had a 3D Printer lol. Very nice work, Soju-VB! :clap: :clap:

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Would love to have 1 of those!

:scream_cat: This is going to be the first thing i print tonight when i get my printer set back up.

The heat is pretty far from the model, but if given enough time then it probably would. My original intent was to use it with the fake tea candles like these


But now I have been thinking of redoing the model to scale it to fit a “flame light” bulb instead, not sure exactly which one, but something like these

The biggest part of the 3 pieces is the base. It is about 103mm wide on bottom by 90mm tall when printing.

There are services like Shapeways (and others) that print stuff for you and mail it to you but I did no optimization on this model to save costs since I was printing it myself, so as-is it might be a pricey print to have Shapeways make.

Looking forward to seeing it!


For those that use freedom units, that’s just a hair over 4 inch wide base x 3½ inch tall

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The mm is the better unit to use for model sizing as build plate measurements are in mm as well.


I agree, metric is superior for almost everything since it’s all base 10.

I never could visualize pressure in anything but psi though. 101,350 pascal is absurdly large to describe atmospheric pressure compared to 14.7psi. I can imagine someone placing a 15lb weight on my big toe but a hundred thousand newton’s per square meter? There is nothing to easily relate that to!

(Sorry for the slight de-rail!)

This sounds really cool to me, and a lot safer! Did you find a small bulb base that could be mounted on the interior of the beacon? You could also only expose the very top of the bulb and print another ring disk piece for the top that sits flush with the top so you can paint the top to look like the ashes on the in-game model. Or glue some small black rocks on top of orangish red paint

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Definitely go with a (faux) flickering flame of some kind

And here I’m thinking you could get real artsy and mold something like this

But obviously in the shape of a flame and then lead into the smoke and use LEDs to light it up.

The smoke does work too. At least when it’s a cloud :sweat_smile:

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