3rd person camera view

Please allow 3rd person view too, i want to play this game, Oort will be FANTASTIC!

Dude. we have said this before. it is already in the game

here are some pictures

now please dont come back again in 2 weeks and ask the exact same question it is in the game, so if that is all you want feel free to buy it.

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which is why i stopped being nice.

he have asked about it so many times if its in the game, and he still havent bought it, and then he asks again. i am really not sure if he is trolling…


ok, because i dont have this game yet, but i guess: You cant change the camera view to far away or close to character…
Am i right?
Anyway i liked this view, and when the characters is realeased i’ll buy it.

Nope, atm you cannot change the distance to and from your character, also as i said in another post they might remove it, but it is ingame

Oh i’m trolling! “he is trolling!” “which is why i stopped being nice.” blah blah blah…

IF you did NOT pay attention to the description of the game , I’ll give you a hand :

“A new voxel MMORPG sandbox…” - Steam

EVERY, i say, and repeat: EVERY MMORPG has a multiple camera view to choose.
And i’m wondering WHY this MMORPG dont have???

I want to play this game really, but i have my preferences. My entire life is a game in 1st person view, why, for the hell, i must to continue it in a virtual world? ¬¬

Every mmo? every mmo? as somebody who have played quite a bit of mmos i can only mention 1. Elderscrolls online, Eso is the only mmo I have seen do proper first person (aka see your tools and weapons) and third person, the only one. please. enlighten me :smile:

EDIT: unless ofc you mean that ‘‘every third person mmorpg allows you to change how far and close the camera is to the person’’ which is true… but since this is not a third person mmo but rather a first person one…


A little manners go a long way here. It’s also good to keep conversation on topic, or create a new thread if you have off topic questions. Especially if you’re going to have an extended conversation off of the topic of the original post.

Edit: I’ve moved all posts pertaining to 3rd person camera view to a new thread.


Zouls a little cranky today?



Not at all, i am genuinly curious, because if he is right then almost every single game i have ever played which called itself an MMORPG was just lying to me, and it was really not an MMORPG, never mind the fact that it is Massively multiplayer online game or the fact that it is an RPG, if there is not both real first and real third person, it is not an MMORPG :smile:

Our current plan is to make the primary experience as awesome as possible in 1st person, and we’ll support 3rd person views for screenshots (also check my GUI post for how we’ll use it there). We may include a functional 3rd person camera in the final release, but not at the expense of other more important features.

Thing to note: if you become a backer you can vote for it in future backer exclusive surveys. If you aren’t a backer, you can’t.


If OORT cant satisfy all players preferences, i’ll play and call my friends to play a new VOXEL MMORPG that i discovered today ( THANKS GOD I FINALLY FOUND ONE! ) That:
“will feature both first and third person views, changeable on the
fly.MUD features a very fun, easy to jump in and enjoy gameplay style.A
number of classes will give you specific abilities to build your player
around.The world is based around the square voxels, which we make more
stylized.You can play with your friends in an online world. Build and
conquer together.”

Simple this way :smiley:

Sounds like it may suit your needs better then @Armin321 . I guess this is goodbye? Enjoy.


Thank you for telling us. Toodles! :smile: :blush: :stuck_out_tongue:


Hmm, somehow I feel like looking under a bridge :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


no game can, no game will ever be able to, ever, ever there will NEVER be a perfect game, its just impossible. so yeah, if you like that game then go, leave, go annoy the people over there, but in the end after looking at it, i am also pretty sure it is both first person and locked third, but as long as we dont have to deal with it, eh,

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@Zouls be polite :slight_smile:

I know people can be frustrating but be polite.



Obviously we hope to satisfy as many players as possible, and as I mentioned 3rd person is in the plan, but doing a great job of 1st comes… 1st. Hope you’ll check the game out at 1.0.


Hey, I agree with that guy: if this game isn’t 100% exactly what I pre-supposed it to be, I’m going to take my marbles and go home.

That’ll require me to go buy some marbles, though, because I don’t have any. I used to, but somewhere along the way, I lost 'em.