3x3 Grass totem


a little idea to add grass on the soil

you add the grass in the totem that you have previously forged (3x3) … and you add the grass per shot of 9 blocks

it would be great


If you didnt knew this but if youhave fast brew on you will place seeds much faster.

No need for totems.


Still rather slow tho!


Would be awesome, even with speed brew it’s like 5 seconds to place tallest grass which yeh I could live with for little detail here and there but try planting a full field of the stuff. I’m 80% the way thru a full field and I’ve probs spent 6-8hrs on it and I must of fallen asleep atleast 3 times


always wanted 3x3 totem for grass, but to be true, it would make a monster out of wayfarer totem (which is already a strong tool as is)

so, best option is 3x3 shovel/axe/hammer, preferably of lower grade (not many makes them though - however, that could change with farming update, if it creates demand for it a bit more; dunno how technicalities of farming will look like, so it’s only a guess atm)


a simple totem that everyone can do would not be a good idea?


yes, but what I meant is if you allow 3x3 forging on totems it would include wayfarer totem as well


ok, i already tried to forge a normal totem but was in my debut in the game so i do not remember very well. I thought we could already do 3x3. Maybe create a new totem as for the gleambow, with him we could. Personally I think it would be better than a shovel or a hammer … but honestly it would not bother me. The grass takes too much time


yeah, what I started to do is digging soil rather than just gather grass - seeds would drop anyway and I can gather whatever soil I can use for something (silt for glass, clay for brick etc.); it’s just I usualy end up with way too much soil blocks for my needs lol

so, AoE shovel, I dig myself 3 blocks in and move across land breaking soil underneath the surface, getting all grass seeds, boulders, plants, flowers and whatnot


oh yes, that I already do it. But I was talking about adding grass to the soil. For me it’s easy to accumulate grass


oh, haha, silly me I completely missed the point there haha - maybe farming will bring something along the lines of planting?